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My puppy, you have reached the promised land.  C*m live in blissful servitude, enslaved by My Domination and Control.  I'm emailing all participants with Loc-Tober’s RELEASE instructions for your CLIMACTIC completion of 26 days in Chastity… and a special session for My sissy gurls.  Congratulations.  you are welcome for the experience. ~giggles~  you are craving and begging for My orgasm control now and you need to please your Domina by sending your C*M Deposit or SissyGasm Offering Before (or After) receiving your FREE Release session.  Then, you will obey My instructions and release in the fashion that I have chosen for you.  I will bring you all the way to the most AMAZING orgasm you have ever had.  you are starting to feel it already, aren’t you, My baby? ~giggles~

This is your last day in Chastity for Loc-Tober. Yippeee!  Listen to LOC-TOBER Week 4, today, and visualize tomorrow.


This is also Trick or Treat time which means it’s Halloween.  As you know, I grew up with Halloween as a FUN time of the year.  Dressing up and getting spooked, that was fun.  Now it’s My turn, with a few scary and dangerous sessions from My HYPNOTIC dark cellar on Special for you.  Do NOT miss My twists and turns in Vampiress, Kiss Of A Vampire, Princess Vampire, Halloween Princess-A Hypnotic Nightmare, Hypnotic Seductress-Succubus, Cat Woman-The Addiction, Phantom Seduction, Trapped- The Dark Queen, The CatBurglar, Slaves Tranceformation--Werewolf, Subgated Zombie, Demon Inside and Lust In The Darkness.  you will find each and EVERY session SEDUCTIVE and DARING in a most alluring way...super SEXY to lose all control and maybe even get BITTEN or sucked DRY.  Be WARNED, once bitten...Well, you know the story!

Oh and don’t miss Lady H’s session Victim Of The Succubus.


I have your Week 3 Journals and will review them and get back to you when I return home from the beach.  I’ll miss the beach...but ready for the Fall colors back at home.

My sweet, thank you for all of your LOVE and support while I had a little time to play.  OH AND ALL THOSE OYSTERS.  We even loaded a large cooler with FRESH raw oysters, YUMMY.  Such great eating, especially with so many very EXPERIENCED grill cooks.

I have even had a bit of time to write...YES putting the finishing touches to those sexy sessions that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  My sweet, if you know ME well, you know how hard I work with very little playtime, so this was amazing.  The harder I work, the more I enjoy a little free time for Myself with Family and, of course, Lady Helena.

Lady Helena..Did you remember Lady H’s Birthday?  If not, send her to dinner, I’ll be her guest.

Now about the painting, looks like We just about covered it...It is being packaged for shipping.  So I should have it soon...a few weeks, maybe.  The FRAMING is a big EXPENSE, you may help with that if you just need to make your Domina HAPPY...Then, as soon as I get the painting, I’ll have it framed...I’ll share it with you.  Thank you for making Me so happy!!!


I will be able to foretell your future in My Slave Weaver spellbinding MASTERPIECE.

My special deals....All the COLD DARK WICKED sessions from the VAULTED CELLAR FILES are in My SPECIAL DEALS!  TRICK OR TREAT!

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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