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I have been working on perfecting Part 2, the ACTIVATION component of the Brain Chip Series.  But, this week I’ll bring you My Triggered HARD.  Enjoy the pleasure of My voice when I call you My good boy, My pet, My slave.  Feel yourself growing hard and so suggestible to My instructions...This is a session that will have a profound effect on anyone who listens.  Listen to it for the next 21 days (giggles)..... My second file session, Sissy Transference is for you, My special sissy gurl, getting you where W/we both want you to be.  These are training sessions, conditioning your obedience to My voice and guidance.  Triggers.  Obedience.  Control.  Making your mind open, receptive and ready for more permanent alterations to come.


The BRAIN CHIP Series will have 3 Parts.  This will be one of My very best creations.  “My Flagship”.  Last week, the Chip was IMPLANTED.  As I mentioned, I want to get Part 2, the ACTIVATION component of the Chip, perfectly right, which I have done.  This will allow you to Activate the Chip on My Command.  Part 3 will be a “training reinforcement” of your reception capacity and mind suggestibility.  After all three sessions, you will then be TRIGGERED as to when your Brain Chip is activated, to receive My future Implants to take control of your mind.

You will have the next weeks to SIGN UP (watch for details) to receive My Instructions to Activate My Brain Chip at the completion of the series.  As mentioned last week, future Implants will come to you as short audio sessions or written instructions.  These ongoing IMPLANT Triggers will be available ONLY to those who sign up.  This is necessary to be able to communicate with you, whenever the time suits Me to take control.  I expect this to be My crowning achievement.  From sweet Princess to demanding Queen. ~giggles~  Watch out!!


Next week, prepare yourself for some brain surgery.  I’m going back in for a software upgrade and insert My Brain Chip Activation device.  After I put you under, there will be no need to remember anything about the procedure.  you will be exactly where you want to be under My complete control.

Also next week, I'll be leaving for Tennessee to a family reunion near Nashville, then onto Memphis to take care of some family Farm business.  But I expect to keep you busy and bring you along.  This is the perfect time to welcome you back to the Farm.  While I’m spending some time there, you can keep Me company and work on the chores I have for you with a brand new and expanded Farm Assignment, Part 2.  This is an assignment you will thoroughly enjoy.  Know I appreciate your participation and contributions.


My slave Girl, Lady Helena has been busy, under My instructions, to keep you bound, extra hard and horny.  She has her first YOUTUBE VIDEO, watch for link on twitter.
And be sure to subscribe and comment.  Supporting Her, supports Me. And look for Her HYPNOTIC CHAINS session next week.  So much submission.  So much obedience.  I am toooo good to you, My puppy.

I am happy to see your use of the STROKE Tributes.  you know who you I do.  Now, EVERYONE should be meeting My expectations and show respect for your Domina.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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