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Under My Control

Under My Control - Slip into something soft wet and pink, like Me, GIGGLES...Yes, your Domina, a most alluring Seductress of your mind, has created a session that will sneak up on you, like a thief.  I will slip and slide My way into the center of your brain.  There is a sexy secret hidden within this session...I wonder if your subconscious mind will find My hypnotic mind play washes over you, surrender yourself to My words.  Lose yourself in Me.  Float in the wetness of this pleasurable reality I create for you, as W/we share this seductive intimacy.  Mindless and obedient, you’re submerged by My warm pleasure, deep in your subconscious.  Let yourself go... I will take you beyond this session, into REAL time, and allow you to embrace your submission to My complete control.


This is the perfect time to “cut the ribbon” and bring My Control into your conscious reality... beyond your subconscious mind.  Here is a link to My CONTROL CENTER, which explains how to bring My control to the Center of your mind.  Then, I will directly control your c*ck in the most arousing ways. ~giggles~  Something I know you want.  Sending your Stroke Tribute is the ACT of surrendering control.  you are asking My permission and I allow you to stroke and C*m for Me or offer your Orgasm Denial.  your pleasure increases with your deepening submission and obedience to your Domina’s power and control over you as you stroke.

This is how I know that you are lost in fantasies of Me, that you want and need to submit and obey your Domina.  This is how you are to please Me, My pet.  Otherwise, without your tribute you stroke and you c*m all alone, gratifying your own needs and not considering your Domina.  It’s as if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it......But, with your tribute, you acknowledge that you want to be called My slave or My submissive.  you want to live your life with greater purpose, pleasing your Domina in this way, needing to seek My permission and Control.  Remember that tributing is a ritual that makes you My slave, My submissive.

Stroke tributes are sent to seek My control and permission to stroke, edge and c*m for Me.  C*m Deposits are considered your orgasm offerings to your Domina.  I look forward to this increased intensity in O/our relationship, keeping you hard and horny for Me.

I will be more available to provide individual and personal “Masturbation” Instructions, when you email for Instructions and My permission. I like it when you beg, which shows how much you need Me. ~giggles~  I am creating some intimate “interplay” opportunities for your personal ongoing C*ck control training, My puppy.  Next week I will give you more specific descriptions of ALL the Tributes and other options available to you.

In the meantime, you can email Me with a $10 or $15 Stroke Tribute and beg for My permission to stroke and cum while listening to this week’s file and discover the pleasure of pleasing Me.  I just love this control...I can’t wait to hear you beg, giggles.


As I mentioned last week, I am putting together a new slave self-revealing survey/ quiz which I will be posting very soon on My Contracted slave site, SFS.  you can trust Princess to use this to know what is best for you.

I am writing and recording some new Playground Trigger commands what will be sexy and fun.

For next week, I’ll decide what direction to take your training depending on your response to My Orgasm control....Stay tuned, My puppy.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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