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your Unethical Therapist

The Unethical Therapist - Addiction

This is the week for your Wicked Hypno-Domme to make Her appearance. I am leaving “soft and sweet” at the door. How often do you have the opportunity to feel the arousal of being seduced, manipulated and exploited by a beautiful, powerful Woman? Come in, lie down on your Therapist’s white leather couch and experience Unethical Therapist-Addiction.

Give in and let’s explore. When Dr. Shelle hypnotizes you into a state of frenzied arousal, you will crave to submit to all Her instructions. WICKED never felt so good and all you have to do is listen...and trust Me...I am your Therapist.

If you feel the need for FURTHER Therapy to discuss your personal Fetish obsession, your Domina Shelle and Lady Helena are available for consultation. Make your appointment. If you DARE!


I’ve gotten lots of responses to your Re-Form School assignment: you love Me, you need to obey, are “living to serve and please Me”, “best part of my life”, and you loved the teenage story.... Paying to please Me.... And I Love hearing all your reasons. I’ll have to think of a way to keep this up.... And keep “it” up~ giggles~

O/our next 13 delicious sessions are all focused in part on making you the best you can be for Me. W/we will explore lots of topics. I will be asking for feedback on what you need to be an even better slave/submissive and that will be included in O/our class sessions, making Me an even MORE Perfect Domina for you.

My puppy, you may email and request a Pre-paid Arrangement on tuition payments to receive a Special Deal on the cost of the remaining 13 monthly classes. It comes with a free Brain Chip file. I also have an advanced copy of the curriculum for the remaining 13 classes so you can review and decide. Pre-payment can be made anytime before the next class to fit it into your budget and made in two payments.


New Website......I am reviewing options and making progress on the new site. Thanks for contributions and offers to help Me with this large expense. I really appreciate you for taking care of Me in this way.

you might have noticed the new pictures of your Sexy Domina on the current website. I like to keep My image fresh in your mind at all times. So when you go to bed you are always dreaming of Me.

What makes O/our Dom-slave relationship unique is that O/our interactions are very real and personal. you are motivation for Me to work hard to create new, varied and exciting experiences for you when you show your gratitude by supporting Me and My work.


Submit for SFS September calendar two (or three) ideas that you would like to see posted with “OBEY” in the email heading. I’ll save and use your ideas possibly even for this year’s FARM ASSIGNMENT at harvest time. Make your Domina look smart, clever and oh so arousing! ~giggles~



One instruction for: OBEY DOMINA or SISSY OBEY

For instance, on SFS today THOUGHT FOR TODAY Submitting to the manipulation and exploitation of my powerful, beautiful Domina is such an arousing turn on.

If you are not Contracted and want to enjoy the benefits of Ownership, try Me. Then, let’s talk about it. Monthly training files, daily instructions, slave stories, and getting My attention.


Next week I become your fantasy, Wonder Woman. And a surprise file session for release on the 1st of the Month. Watch Twitter and next week’s blog.

Also, next week, a new SFS story of a slave’s encounter with O/our Unethical Therapist.

~~~ Check out My special deals ~~~

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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