Brainwashed Addiction

you come to Me to be brainwashed, controlled and dominated, and in return I get your ADORATION, OBEDIENCE and SUBMISSION.
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Length: 20 minutes + Loop file

This file is a COMPULSION!

I have a very special treat for you - a gift in a way.  Are you familiar with the 'Chinese Finger Trap' - a small toy designed to capture and ensnare willing, yet unsuspecting, participants?  Well this session is My take on the Chinese Finger Trap. Giggles.

you come to Me to be brainwashed, controlled and dominated, and in return I get your ADORATION, OBEDIENCE and SUBMISSION.  By the time you have sprung My trap and have listened to this session on loop a few times, it will become your definition of BRAINWASHING.  you will find it incredibly HARD (Giggles) to resist My words, and My brainwashing will ensure you remain My obedient and submissive slave forever!

Listen NOW and let ME infiltrate your mind to demonstrate just how effective are My COMPULSIVE words and who is truly in CONTROL!!

Includes three files:  Two versions (with and without effects) and a loop file.  PERFECT for anyone willing to lose all control to a Dominating Woman.

WARNING:  This brainwashing file will result in permanent submissive changes to your behavior and personality.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017
First, Domina repeats over and over again the words that we need to hear in order to keep in touch with our feelings about Her. Then She explains why, in that sweet domineering manner that only She can. Add to that the subliminals and effects and this session has it all! i can listen to Her sweet Voice in this Brainwash session at any time, even when perhaps i may not in a state to drop into trance.
Saturday, 05 August 2017
Perfect files for brainwashing lovers. I recommand the version with effects plus the loop. Impossible not to go back to them again and again. Our Princess Shelle is the best.
Monday, 31 July 2017
That was a deep trance. It so nice to fall so deep. i can never escape Her power and i love to submit to Her.
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