Chastity Lockdown

Join Me in full CHASTITY. Make Me happy and I'll keep you HORNY...
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Level: Extreme
Length: 40 minutes
Category: Chastity

Time for LOCKDOWN!

Submit to Me, not knowing how long I will keep you in Chastity.  All that cu**ing and look at you, My submissive pet, you are not happy.  I know what you crave.

I don’t think that you need to be talked into chastity.  you are ready for it, your c**k must be sore from all that str*king and cu**ing.  I know what you need.  NO MORE cu**ing, not until I’m ready.

***My puppy, doesn't it feel so good to be HORNY all the time...just think about how submissive you feel when you are aroused by Me.  It feels so good to be swollen and OH so HORNY for ME...It makes you so much sweeter too....and it PLEASES ME!  Listen for Me now.  Accept My Chastity.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018
Many people try to find out what the key to true happiness is. But hundreds of books and advisers are WRONG! There is no key to happiness – its actually is the lock! “Chastity Lockdown“ brings up all the good aspects and feelings of chastity all the fun and joy. I already feel happy when I just listen to this file and I feel the desire to go into chastity for Domina strengthened and confirmed. There is always a smile on my lips: “Thank You Domina – life feels so good under Your control”. A great trance and an overall positive experience.
Tuesday, 27 December 2016
This is an amazing session for all those who wish to surrender to Domina in a more intimate manner - through Chastity. If you desire to be c then this file is a must because through c. Domina Shelle owns me and I will obey her forever!
Thursday, 14 April 2016
I was always lacking the willpower to stay chaste, but after listening to this file for a week, I'm enjoying the constant arousal a lot. I'm curious, where this path will lead me... Being obedient and horny for Domina Shelle feels so good!
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