She will mentally and emotionally destroy your will, then She will devour your mind and heart ...
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Category: Brainwash-Mind Control
Length: 34 minutes

Public Service Announcement:  She will mentally and emotionally destroy your will, then She will devour your mind and heart.  She has done this before, and all that happens is She gets better at Her brainwashing and mind manipulation.  She is skilled and not to be taken lightly...are you ready to risk it all?

Have you ever stopped to think, how did I get here...How did this happen to me...Well, don't worry I have it all under you trust Me...what's wrong with a little sexy mind altering brainwashing....Just imagine where I can take you when you let go and just let it happen...besides I have been brainwashing you from the moment W/we met, It feels good, doesn't it...and only good sexy things have been the out-cum...I have brainwashed you to be brainwashed.  So it's simple.  I'm giving you all that you want.  So listen now and feel My brainwashing take over your c*ck and will be filled with pleasure...your arousal will be taken to a level of EROTIC EXPLOSION....a volcanoe's ERUPTION is for what I am preparing you.  It will happen...I am brainwashing you and I assure you that I am the BEST at what I do...I am the leader of the BRAINWASHING community.

Be brainwashed...feel the control...let it happen.  It's inevitable...It's your COMPULSION.

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Saturday, 28 October 2017
After so much listening and conditioning my mind to the sound of Domina’s voice, i finally started to drop into trance more consistently while listening to his file. i like that it is shorter in length yet drops me quickly. This file is key to my training to cum under Her complete control, and my arousal and release now follow a weekly cycle in accordance with Her instructions. Domina is playing for keeps and i wouldn't have it any other way!
Tuesday, 10 October 2017
This file took possession of this helpless slave and lead to nights and days of listening irresistibly over and over, the horniness and insane arousal just building and building. It was indeed an eruption. Amazing experience by our wonderful genius Domina xx
Monday, 25 September 2017
Brainwashing is good for me, and I love it when my Owner brainwashes me. This was another recent file that went in a slightly unexpected direction than I thought. From the title and description you might think you know what to prepare for. You will get there, but the route will not be what you expect.
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