Kiss Of A Vampiress

Prepare for more than a KISS....
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Level: Medium
Length: 53 minutes
Category: Erotic Fantasies-Mind Control
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My sexy voice lures you closer to the place where I am.  My warm breath floods your ear.  You can almost feel the touch of My fingers against your skin.  You seem to drop, your mind disappears, the road back to where you were no longer there.  You can feel the danger with each small step but you don't care, you know you should turn back, but you can't.  She knew you would come, She knew you could not resist Her even if you tried.  You feel Her familiar presence, you must go to Her.  She needs you, She calls to you.  Nothing can stop you from Her desires.

Yes it is just that SEXY***COME SEE FOR YOURSELF. ***GIGGLES***

This Hypnotic tale is highly EROTIC and Climactic.
Turn off your lights, put your headphones on, and COME TO MY WORLD.  I'm wet and waiting!

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Monday, 20 March 2017
An incredibly sexy journey under Domina Shelle's control. It took all my willpower not to climax at the end, will definitely have to get Domina's permission to do so in the future.
Monday, 26 October 2015
Such a wicked sexy fantasy that Domina Shelle brings to life. I could see myself so clearly in it. So hot.
Monday, 27 October 2014
i found that the file "Vampiress" was intense and real, but that was nothing in comparison to this one. The main story to be seduced and "kissed" by a beatiful Vampiress is the same in both files. In this one the introduction took me already deeper than before (or is it only because i'm so conditioned by my Domina, never mind). And when my Vampiress fizzled and showed me Her fangs, i really got frightened. i was really kept in the reality my Domina created for me. What happened next felt very intense and now i still feel dizzy and a bit tired like i lost a lot of blood. But this draining intensified my binding to my Domina even more. i want to give Her everything She needs.
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