Panty Addiction

Very erotic...brainwashed...Panty addiction.
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Category: Brainwash-Masturbation
Level: Addicting
Length: 17 minutes

Sit at My feet, My legs OPEN and My panties showing...your hand slides down to your rock hard cock.  Stroking up and down, following My words.  your addiction grows as your cock grows harder and thicker.
As I guide you to an amazing orgasm.
With your eruption, your NEW addiction now takes over inside your mind.

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Monday, 27 February 2017
Possibly the hottest file i have ever heard, which is stiff competition with Domina Shelle's other files. Although panties weren't a fetish of mine, they are on their way to becoming the main .
Friday, 19 August 2016
DOMINA'S Panties are like no other women's panties and after listening to this file you'll only want her panties. An excellent Brainwashing and Pantie Slave File. Just imagine on your knees in front of DOMINA naked and staring deeply into her panties wishing they we're yours to wear and want to feel the panties rub against your very hard cock and see if you can last to the 5 to 1 countdown to cum on her command..! I want to feel her panties pressed up against my face and even more for DOMINA to stuff her well scented panties deep into my mouth. She has a perfect pussy and butt and I want to taste her well scented panties deeply in my mouth and I want to surrender to my DOMINA and I want to wear her panties 24/7 but most of all obey my DOMINA without hesitation. This is what's will happen when you listen to this Brainwashing and Pantie Slave File. I am DOMINA'S Panty Slave.
Friday, 19 August 2016
To be addicted to my Domina's panties is to be engulfed by ecstasy. From the sexy look to the alluring scent, I can feel my love and arousal grow as I press my face into Domina's lovely panties. I love it when Domina Shelle gives me new addictions.
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