Rebecca Part 3 - The Coming Out

This file takes you back into Rebecca’s apartment—ready for Rebecca to come out—stronger and more “developed”.
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Level: Moderate
Length: 33+ minutes
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This file takes you back into Rebecca’s apartment—ready for Rebecca to come out—stronger and more “developed”.  Rebecca (you) will feel so sexy, so erotic...

Be warned this is FEMME....NOT for everyone....but I hope it is perfect for you.  I had a lot of fun making this is best to listen with headphones to get the full effects.

Rebeccaaaaaaaaaaa COME to ME

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015
rebecca is growing stronger inside me with every passing day now. i feel more feminine and i love to feel this way. And this file brought my truly ecstasy as i had a mind orgasm. It was so intense. Under Domina Shelles spell i had some now but this was the strongest i ever had so far and i did even cum physically. So with my chastity intact and my whole body still shaking from that mind explosion i feel sooooo content and i am dead certain to continue my Journey as Dominas lil sissy slave. Thank You my Domina, thank you rebecca and of course thank you Mark... giggles
Thursday, 04 September 2014
At its core this file is an erotic tease. Hypnosis plays a role, but it is secondary to the eroticism overflowing and pouring out of this file. The file starts with some philosophical musing, which I think was--for the most part--sound. It also allows for some penetrating self introspection into the sissy fetish in general and domination and control more specifically. From there a story gradually develops dripping with erotically charged teasing. The erotic teasing aspect of this file simply cannot be overstated. This is not the go-for-the-money-shot-right-away type audio that you might find on Niteflirt or other similar sites. This file is all about building up to a climax and foreplay. Princess Shelle has clearly mastered erotic teasing; with a cute, charming southern accent. Cool speaker effects allow the audio to rotate counter clockwise--left front, left rear, right rear, right front--throughout the duration. Overlaid tracks of Princess Shelle whispering naughty nothings occur frequently. If the volume is turned up high enough, faint bird chirps or Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight (that rift is unmistakable!) plays gently, at times, in the background. I will also add that this file has a lot of physical body movement commands, which made it harder for myself to go deeper into trance. Finally, as another commentator mentioned, the ending of this file also had me laughing out loud--and embarrassed. The final tease executed perfectly.
Thursday, 05 December 2013
Feelling so sexy, more feminine and horny. Being a sissy slave girl for my Princess feels so right and wonderful.
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