Sensory Overload

As My voice and musical notes converge feel a TINGLE raging inside your if it is literally on fire.
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Length: 40 minutes + Loop file
Category: Enslavement-Mind Control-Brainwash

This file is a COMPULSION.

Get completely naked, RELAX, close your eyes and prepare for Sensory OVERLOAD.  I'm taking My advanced EXPERTISE in Hypnotic-MIND Control to a new level.  Ensnared by the Voice, you will not resist.  you will feel your body consumed with utter pleasure and cock tingling chills.  As My voice and the musical notes converge feel a TINGLE raging inside your if it is literally on fire.  your mind amplifying My voice, amplifying My control over you.  Effective and irresistible, leaving you stunned, humbled...and POWERLESS.  A Convergence of My control, My voice and your complete submission.

Employ subliminal messaging, direct suggestions, deepening and ASMR techniques.

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Saturday, 17 September 2016
Domina keeps this slave in constant overload, so just imagine how I felt when She turned up the heat. This file is amazing. This is another Domina Shelle masterpiece!
Saturday, 17 September 2016
Not quite as intense as I expected, though maybe that changes over time. Loved every second of it though :D .
Tuesday, 13 September 2016
It's hard to tell, what is going on in this file. Princess Shelle took me so deep into trance that I don't remember much... I woke up extremely
aroused and was feeling amazing! Her power over me grows every time I listen and I absolutely love being controlled by her!
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