Shelle’s Playground -- Initiation

Initiation to Shelle’s playground - First Playground trigger "S" INCLUDED FREE with this Offer.
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Level: Moderate
Length: 20 minutes
Category: Shelle's Playground-Mind Control
Sample: LINK

This is the initiation file to Shelle’s playground, to show you how much closer we are about to become—giggle.  You need to listen to this file before proceeding into my playground.  This file will work best for those who have already listened to a number of my files.

***First Playground trigger "S" INCLUDED FREE with this Offer***

See the category for more details about Shelle's playground.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016
The playground triggers are so cool! Knowing that Princess Shelle can give me commands anytime she wants to is so exciting!
Thursday, 20 August 2015
As soon as you listen to this and react the first time to the first trigger, there will be no going back, this feeling of beeing at he mercy of this wonderful princess will simply make you crave more and very soon you will find yourself learning each and every Trigger, cause you will want to give her every opportunity possible to command you around whenever she pleases and there is nothing easier for our Princess as to do this with this Triggers
Sunday, 16 August 2015
This is a wonderful way to take my submission to Domina Shelle to the next level. One word to rule them all! I can hardly wait to learn her alphabet.
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