Shelle’s School For men 501 - Part 2

Part 2 of the Lesson: CONFUSED - Taught by Professor Shelle
Shelle’s School For men 501 _ Part 2
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Lesson: CONFUSED Part 2 - Taught By Professor Shelle
Category: Shelle's School For men
Level: Moderate
Length: 44 minutes
Sample: LINK

Sometimes men are confused---they shouldn’t be!!! This is the second part of the lesson. The first explained the reason why men are confused—this part will prevent your confusion from returning ***giggle***
These are VERY important lessons---probably THE most important and powerful lessons in the second semester.

You love being Teacher's pet, don't you!

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Friday, 17 April 2015
It's time to start fulfilling your role in the world. In this to begin immediately.
Sunday, 15 July 2012
Professor Princess Shelle has given me a homework assignment, and I must complete it to pass HER course. I need to graduate, so I can please my Princess, and help HER make the world a better and more peaceful place. I trust Princess to know what is best.
Saturday, 14 July 2012
The second part of Confusion ensures that, through practical application of Her teachings the submissive ensures the spread of Her philosophy. This lesson packs a hell of a punch and, when taken with the first four lessons is extremely important.
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