Shelle's Trigger File #7 - Sleep

File #7 of Shelle's Trigger Files: Sleep. Lay your head down My pet, and sleep....
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Level: Mild
Category: Mind Control

File #7 of Shelle's Trigger Files: Sleep.  Lay your head down My pet, and sleep....

In these series of files I will place triggers in your mind that will be regularly activated during your day to remind you of who owns you.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016
Princess is the first and last thought, she also is my thought troughtout the day, there simply is no second without a thought of her in my Life and this trigger, well let me say it like this there is something i do every night know and i always wished it would become true, sadly we don´t Life in Fantasy world, so that never will happen, but atleast it still makes me feel very close to her :)
Thursday, 10 September 2015
Domina is on my mind all day and night with these very special trigger files. This is the absolute perfect way to contently make my way to sleep, and to know there will never be any escaping from Her presence for me, and I love that so much.
Thursday, 25 December 2014
This is one of Domina Shelles files, that hit something in me, more so than others, that get me sooo aroused. This one really drives the triggers in and I love it. I guess it's when Domina Shelle takes us to that special place where she's taking complete control to get something into our heads. I'm so happy I'm on track now with my triggers, but I need to listen and listen to get them deep in my mind.
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