Shelle Shocked

A naughty, kinky Web surfing...
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Length: 25+ minutes

Do you like to surf the Internet, I mean NAUGHTY surfing.  Surfing for hot women with beautiful full breasts, or maybe it's a nice sweet ass that you prefer....Hummm, or is it those long sexy legs that turn you on...or maybe something a bit more KINKY.

Come on surf the web with Me, wow maybe W/we can touch each other while W/we look around...That would be hot, don't you think.

W/we will be all alone with NO one watching.  What harm could that do. ***GIGGLES***

Oh, I know what you are thinking... you're thinking this is a trick or something WICKED.

Don't worry....Stop that, yes, stop thinking.  Just LISTEN.

POWERFUL effects---sleepy Binaural---TIC TOC too.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014
Be granted that this file WILL make your horny! Domina will infect and corrupt you in a way you will never be able to escape her control. This file leave me in a state that I want to stay like this forever. Domina Shelle again delivers a masterpiece that you won't miss this one. It never felt so good to obey her. I'm under your control Domina Shelle.
Thursday, 04 December 2014
i hope is not inappropriate for me to offer Arushita, the previous reviewer, a suggestion that has helped me. It would seem reasonable to expect when creating Her files, Domina Shelle would not to be able to take into account every contingency each of Her slaves might be bound to. i found myself unable to obey an instruction and contacted Domina for direction. i suggest Arushita, that you contact Domina Shelle, if you are so conflicted and get Her specific instructions, if i may presume on Domina Shelle.
Wednesday, 03 December 2014
journey slave review This File is a little bit tricky, but nothing bad will happen, Princess will just take control over you like always and then She bring´s you right to the Edge and holds you there until you just can´t think about something else then begging her for Release and well if you will get this or not, there is just one way to find out, take the Ride with her and see what happens! All in all this File is amazing, but there where two thinks that i don´t liked that much: 1.Imagen looking at Porn and having Favorites about it The Reason i don´t liked this was simply because for me it felt like disobeying... Afterall i am not allowed to watch, listen or collect any Porn related stuff... 2.This File requires a bit of movement, but you don´t wrote this in the Description But it can also be possible that you don´t need to move and should just Imagen this, i am not sure about this...
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