slave Puppy Training 101

This file will leave you HARD, HORNY and completely My puppy.
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Length: 27 minutes
Category: Enslavement-Interactive
Level: Playful and Hypnotic

I bet you are so excited to spend some playtime with your Owner.  Making you into My perfect puppy slave excites Me.  Imagine living as a mindless lil puppy always at My feet naked, collared and helpless to My whims.  your only purpose and focus in life is seeking to please and pleasure your sexy Owner/ Domina.  Can you feel the craving to lick My sexy toes and feet in addition to a few other areas of My tight hot body when you are a really good boy.

Let My powerful hypnotic words and voice take you deep into My world as W/we start our first puppy training session.  Listen as your Domina provides you some basic training on what your Owner expects of Her enslaved puppy.

This puppy training session is foundational and will implant a post hypnotic trigger used in future files, and as such is very important.  If you are looking to fully experience becoming My puppy take a trip to your local pet store and acquire a few supplies (e.g. puppy collar, leash, puppy tag [refer to file], water bowl, etc.).  These items will be used at one point in your future and present. ~~~GIGGLES~~~

Can you imagine drinking and eating from your puppy bowl?  Or having your Domina take you for walks, leashed, naked and mindless as you follow your Owner.  Well, My horny lil puppy, get naked, put on your collar...and accept your place at My feet, by listening to My slave Puppy Training 101.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016
This may be a playful session but do not under estimate the power Domina has over you. Even for subjects that prefer more intense sensations this is an important step on a new path to submission. I recommend that any connoisseur of Domina's work/lifestyle listen to this so that you can be owned in a new way!
Monday, 21 November 2016
Puppy Training 101 is the perfect beginning to becoming Domina Shelle's slave puppy. The session is a short but intensive crash course in what Domina expects of her puppies, and it feels so good to please Her.
Thursday, 27 October 2016
puppy would give anything to lay at Dominas beautiful feet. Being Her good lil puppy slave. Following Her around like a good boy as She takes puppy for his walk.
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