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A Psychological Desire | Shelle RiversA Psychological Desire | Shelle Rivers

A Psychological Desire


Product SKU: A Psychological Desire

Listen NOW to My voice and feel the Psychological DESIRES take hold...

Session Length: 43+ minutes x 2 versions
Sample: LINK

It's time for you to RELAX, My pet, and rest your weary mind and body next to Me.  Let Me press My firm warm breast against your back as I whisper sweet words in your ear taking you effortlessly into the blissful darkness of a deep hypnotic TRANCE.

It always feels so good to ESCAPE from the rigors of your daily life and surrender to Me in My world, a paradise and sanctuary where I can remake you into a perfect submissive servant.  My HYPNOSIS control easily overwhelms your mind, allowing Me to progressively subvert your core beliefs and ensure I'm forever the focal point of ALL your erotic fantasies and desires.  Like taking candy from a baby, it just gets easier and easier for Me to subjugate your open susceptible mind to do whatever I want.

Listen NOW to My voice and feel the Psychological DESIRES take hold.  One psychological desire is CURIOSITY and the other is SEXUAL SURRENDER... But, what will your Domina do to you once She has you SEDATED in deep hypnotic slumber?  you'll have to listen to find out, that's if I allow you to remember of course...

Two VERSIONS are INCLUDED:  you choose your fate, My pet, knowing there is no escape from My domination. Giggles!

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Monday, 19 October 2020
This selection marks a true milestone in my acceptance of Domina's training. She strongly cemented Her dominance of my actions with just one listen to this file. Yes, built upon the many sessions that came before, but unique in its immediate and demonstrable effect. Thank you Domina. What a way to go!
Thursday, 21 May 2020
moaning, relaxing, panting, relaxing, whimpering, relaxing, so so so hot, so relaxing, feeling sooo helpless, so lost, so unable to do anything, comply to her every whim is all i can do, control i don´t have, i don´t want to have, all i crave is her, falling for her, being under her, being hers, she is in control, she absolutly owns me, she proved it once again, she is strong and i am weak and oh my do i love to be weak for her ^-^
Tuesday, 05 May 2020
Psychological Desire is the third file Domina Shelle had me buy for my path to her control. In a very visual, very creative way she takes you down. This file is very erotic and controlling at the same time. This will become one of the best files in your library.
Friday, 10 April 2020
, are so sensual and will deeply and permanently penetrate your mind. Expect to hear Her voice in your mind delightfully often!
Tuesday, 31 March 2020
This is a very intimate, relaxing, and sexy session with Domina Shelle... I felt SO comforted and relaxed and felt all of my anxiety melt away under Dominas seductive voice and trance as the tapestry of her words stole me away to such a peaceful and arousing place deep within her world... And the ending is SOOOO SEXY!!! Mmmmm... Thank you Domina Shelle for being on the front lines as a nurse and the front lines of my heart and mind as my precious Domina, You are my hero! *heart*
Monday, 30 March 2020
Amazing, another great session from Domina Shelle. Or really 2 sessions for the price of one. This is a MUST listen trance.
Monday, 30 March 2020
Domina reinforces Her absolute control by getting so wonderfully deep into your mind and takes full control of Her cock that She allows us to be the caretakers off. She commands your cum and it will obey.
Sunday, 29 March 2020
i chose option A. And omg it was so hot! Only my Domina can make me this aroused, this horny. There's no one else. She is the only one and She is amazing. Thank You My Domina!
Sunday, 29 March 2020
Right after i awoke from trance there's only Domina Shelle. Her arousing words, the intimate of Her relationship with me as Mistress-slave. The vivid visions She place within my mind of Her being so close with me, using me as Her pleasure slave. Pleasing Her has been never more pleasurable than within this trance. i love my Domina with all of my heart and i will do anything to please Her. Knowing that She is there for me in this rough times gives me comfort. And so i will be there for Her whit anything i can do to please Her. Thank You my beloved Domina for Everything and most important now for being outside as a daily Hero fighting at the front line to protect all of us.
Saturday, 28 March 2020
Turned off the news, put on my headphones and left this world behind for a bit. Escaped to a place where the waves were gently crashing on the beach, gulls were heard flying overhead and my Domina laying alongside with Her arms snugly wrapped around me, gently whispering into my ear. So wonderful, i didn't want to return. And when i did, it was to a feeling of peace and calmness. And all the while, i know this relaxing, soothing session will be making Domina an even more important part of my thoughts and desires...and that's just fine with me. i'll be spending a great deal more time with Domina and Her beautiful Heart in this very intimate session.
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