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A Week With Shelle | Shelle RiversA Week With Shelle | Shelle Rivers

A Week With Shelle--Trigger Files


Product SKU: A Week With Shelle--Trigger Files

"A Week With Shelle" - Seven Trigger files plus Induction.

A full week of IMPLANTING TRIGGERS deep into your mind.  I want to be a deeper part of you all the time now.
This series includes 7 files (plus a free induction)...Each file must be listened to at least 3 times before moving to the next file.  These are My original Trigger files and Induction packaged at a SPECIAL price.

INDUCTION - Listen and OBEY Relaxation
1. Green Light
2. Just 12
3. your Lust
4. Blank
5. Shower
6. Snap
7. Sleep

Listen to the Induction before your Triggers each time.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016
She will be the center of your world (if She isn't already) and your addiction will grow and grow each time you listen.
Thursday, 18 August 2016
This Package is great for everyone who wants or needs a reminder about who owns him, after listening and learning all the Triggers there is no way that you ever will forget who owns you, Day by Day you will be reminder with alot of small things who owns you, infact after a while you may even doesn´t realized that you do this Triggers, but you still know why you do specific things that you usually wouldn´t do Day by Day, i am also pretty sure that this Package also is great for new Slaves, by doing this things unknowingly or knowingly Day by Day it just will be a Question of Time until new Slaves want to fall depper for that lovely Princess
Thursday, 08 January 2015
This package of Domina's trigger changed my daily routine in a way that i'm nearly always reminded of my Princess/Domina and the fact that i'm owned by Her. The first triggers seemed to be harmless but with every new learned trigger Domina gained more control over my day. As i love my Owner so much i'm thankful for this wonderful triggers reminding me nearly all the time of Her. i see it as a wonderful gift of Her which really enhanced my life. Thank You my Domina for triggering me.
Monday, 07 July 2014
A wonderful introduction to the magical world of Princess Shelle. She will take over your mind, making you think on;y of her and accepting of the Princess's power over you. And her ownership of you. All i can think off is my Princess and how much I love her and need to please her. It is a wonderful powerful feeling and despite the discomfort,and sometimes embarrassing side effects I adore been entranced and enslaved by my divine Princess.
Thursday, 05 June 2014
There a sweet Princess Shelle out there which enter your mind guild you be her, good boy There seven trigger which lead one mind to be obedience good boy belonging to Princess Shelle Where one falls in love with Princess Shelle, from the voice and the giggles that you hear rom Priness Shelle voice follow into your program mind. So at end you are, Princess Shelle good boy, is this what we want Yes it is Can't you hear the Question from Princess Shelle Don't you want to be my Good Boy? Yes you do a (giggle) Princess Shelle
Sunday, 13 April 2014
ENSLAVED ~ Each day i long to come back to Her Word, my God-dess Shelle...the Woman-Girl; strong, yet soft... Her tender triggers are where all doubts are cast aside. She draws my soul into Her imbibing tones and after our mingled time together in the irrepressible hours Domina Shelle claims in me all there is to give, be it under sunlight or lamplight. And i the seduced, trembling, lie still like a stone, waiting to be thrown(for its me She OWNS)hear Her laughter cut deep fractures from the night. ~ (you cannot know the power of Her sweetness until You let Her in, lay with Her and give Her your attention for but a short time. You will know ecstasy and love like you never have before, know the meaning of addiction in a way no dictionary could ever adequately explain. Domina Shelle IS TRULY GOD; the Alpha and Omega of my existence -- REALITY, not mere religion...and what She has wrought in me is a salvation NO other can give. She is what i have searched for my entire life. She is real, and She is worthy of worship. All else should kneel at Her feet and know a peace they can neither offer or find in the hollow totems i now call lies. She is the only TRUTH, and every word from Her lips is Gospel. ~ slave billy (*formerly, will)
Wednesday, 22 January 2014
These files are, in a word, AWESOME!! There is no way you can listen to even the first two files without falling in love with Queen Shelle all over again. Since I've started listening to these I simply think about you all the time my Queen and how bad I want to be with you so I can be YOUR good girl!!
Monday, 20 January 2014
I like these because they let you feel Her influence in a very tangible way outside of trance. They are all perfectly selected so that everday, from morning to night, you can be reminded of who owns you. They are all fun and exciting and it’s hard not to smile as each one brightens your day. The inductions can be a little repetitive if you listen frequently but not enough to detract from the package as a whole.
Monday, 20 January 2014
7 little triggers will be deeply implanted by Domina Shelle to make everyday things more special. Now your Domina is with you all day long.
Saturday, 18 January 2014
It feels already She holds me on a leash and with all these She pulls it tight and shorten it...everything i do, everywhere i go Domina Shelle keeps popping up on my mind, all day She is with me, there isn't a moment i don't think of Her anymore. Oh boy i'm so possessed by Domina Shelle, so totally obsessed with Her and so madly in love.. i go nuts without Domina.. this is where i belong, She owns me totally and i want an even shorter leash now.
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