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Addiction Therapy | Shelle RiversAddiction Therapy | Shelle Rivers

Addiction Therapy


Product SKU: Addiction Therapy

She is a SPECIALIST in the field of ADDICTION...

Session: 48 minutes
Category: Erotic Enslavement-Addiction Fetish

A little therapy never hurt anyone.  Especially when your therapist is so sexy and always knows the needs of Her patient.  She has insight and a direct connection to your subconscious mind.
you will find yourself easily transported to Her white leather couch...too deep to resist even if you tried.
She is a SPECIALIST in the field of addiction.  So you can trust that She knows what She is doing.
When She gets done with you...your addiction will be perfected. Giggles!  That is what She does.
Does it matter what the addiction is?...does it matter that you will find yourself on your knees and at Her sexy NYLON covered legs?  Does the idea of slippery silky sexy nylons against your c*ck and b*lls intrigue you?

Listen and feel the absolute control of your Domina as She leads you into EXTREME ecstasy and desire.

you will feel how a little REPETITION is the law of HYPNOSIS.  The beginning of the INDUCTION, you will find familiar...this is by design.

Subliminal messages, binaural, and EXTREME INDUCTION.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2021
This was so good. Now i can't stop thinking of My Domina's nylon covered feet and legs. So beautiful and sexy and commanding. Making me submit.
Tuesday, 16 November 2021
Fuck me, that was one amazing file and a new favorite of mine. Deep trance, check. Highly erotic, check. Mind blowing, check. Addictive, oh yeah. Domina is sooooo good at story telling and describing everything that is going on around you, that you cant help but be immersed in it and be taken by Her. Feeling how real it is OMG it felt so real. Domina has the most amazing legs. After listening to this i want them even more. Wow, wow, wow... i can't say enough about this file. Its a work of art. If you long to be taken by a dominate, seductive woman, you owe it to yourself to buy this and listen to it.
Monday, 15 November 2021
Wow such a Wonderful program. So vivid and feels like real, Domina Shelle's seductively descriptive voice describing Her nylon clad legs is mind blowing! Oh just one soft touch of my cheek on the soles of my Precious Domina's silky nylon feet would be like winning the lottery a thousand times over.... i love this file and what my Domina is doing, This Woman is an Absolute Gem!
Tuesday, 29 September 2020
It has been a long time since i last listened to this file, i did not leave a review then and i am correcting that now. This file is amazing, a showcase of how much control Domina can wield over a willing subject. She weaves a deep and erotic trance and once firmly in Her control She changes direction. By then it's too late, you are Her prey to do with as She pleases. For me the result was a very pleasurable and very real demonstration of the amazing ability, power and Perfection of my Domina Shelle. If You want to feel real control, if You want to submit and be changed for real, if You really want to submit, listen to this session.
Sunday, 19 November 2017
i think all of the therapy sessions are amazing. The fantasy of a hypnotherapist using Her skills in an unconventional – maybe unethical way by bringing me under Her spell is what thrilled my in erotic hypnosis in the first place. But especially the dynamic of trust and power the therapist and patient relation is very precious to me: For Domina i want to be like an ideal patient - 100% trusting Her! Whatever she asks me i want to answer truthful, my mind shall be an open book. And everything she wants me to take in i will take without question: Her words, Her pills, Her potions, when she says “swallow” i will swallow. Addiction Therapy: i do not remember what exactly happened his time, but i remember that i was quite focused on Her nylons and legs and that i felt wonderful after the session! I do not need a second opinion! Highly recommended!
Thursday, 26 October 2017
I love the sessions on the white leather couch. Domina took me deep deep deep and then I was horny horny horny. My place IS at HER feet!
Monday, 23 October 2017
This is a w
Saturday, 21 October 2017
It seemed a good idea to visit my therapist about my growing brainwash addiction but after entering a deep trance I found myself naked, on all fours, at my therapist's feet. Somewhat confused as to how I was clothed on her white leather couch and next I'm subservient, naked and at her feet, I look up at my therapist and quickly fall under her spell again. Before I know it my therapist's shoes, her nylon covered legs and her delectable feet became my entire world. I existed only for that moment, to serve my therapist, my Domina and my Owner. The rest of the session was a blur of heightened passion and an unrelenting desire to submit further to my therapist. I left the session no longer being fixated on brainwashing only, thanks to my therapist I now absentmindedly imagine being at her feet, caressing her nylon covered legs. This vivid and addictive imagery will be with me for some time and thankfully I can always revisit my therapist if this addition should begin to wane...
Saturday, 21 October 2017
i always had a thing for my therapist. i secretly wished she would put me under and Domina has mad this fantasy an absolute reality. i thought last week's indoctrination was the deepest most intense trance i had experienced--and it was--until i listened to addiction therapy. i am totally addicted to Domina's voice, and now totally addicted to the thought of serving at Her gorgeous, silky nylon-covered legs. i love You Domina, forever and ever!
Saturday, 21 October 2017
my beloved Domina is back a my hypnotic Therapist and i am of course on Her white leather couch. She brought me so deep down that i could really sense Her nylon covered soles on my face and more sensual parts of my body. Now i am even more addicted to Her beautiful feet and the glossy nylons She does wear above it... giggles... when i put my sissy clothes back on and saw my own feet covered in nylons all i could think of were Her perfect feet again.
Saturday, 21 October 2017
This was so beautiful. it was as if I truly were at my Dominas perfect, beautiful feet. I can still feel the silky smoothness of Her nylon covered feet and legs against my face. The smell of the nylons and Her sweet skin. Her beautiful brown eyes looking down at me. I've been addicted to Domina for years now, but this file, Her voice, Her power, all together made me helpless to resist Her and making my addicion so powerful i'll carry it with me for the rest of my life. Her smooth legs and nylon covered feet with be in my dreams, and be the focus of my hearts desire forever and ever
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