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All Locked UpAll Locked Up

All Locked Up


Product SKU: All Locked Up

Give up ALL control of your body and mind to ME...

Session: 22 minutes
Level: Extreme
Category: Chastity
Sample: LINK

Give up ALL control of your body and mind to ME.  Are you ready?  Do you dare?  It is time to make a decision, but be warned—this is not a mild-medium or strong MP3—it is extreme.  Please try to be lying on your bed for this session.

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Sunday, 08 October 2017
If you have
i enjoyed this greatly She really makes me so submissive. This file reminded me of the early days when i had just found My Domina and was taking my first step into chastity and slavery.
Friday, 28 April 2017
I love to surrender control of my cock to Domina Shelle and this recording increases her power even more. It's been two days since I started with this file and I know, that the rest of the week won't be easy, but I love, how it feels. Whenever I feel my desperation growing, I know, that Her power over me is grwoning at the same time.
Sunday, 09 March 2014
It might seem a little difficult at first to give up this control but Domina Shelle is more than persuasive. Soon you will realize that the instant gratification is nowhere near as fulfilling as properly serving your Domina. It feels so good to give in to Her addictive power that I always want to be horny and obedient for Her. This file will leave you aching, for more and literally.
Wednesday, 02 January 2013
This file is incredible. I can't believe how effective the mental chastity belt is. The description says extreme and this is definitely not an exaggeration. It's exactly what I wanted though, my wish for 2013 is for my cock to be completely controlled by Princess Shelle.
Monday, 12 November 2012
This file left me wondering how i'm going to survive the next week. i bought it to deepen Mistress Shelle's control over me and to demonstrate Her control to myself, and it's certainly doing both those things. Every time i want to stroke, a little voice reminds me i must please Mistress Shelle. Even without listening to more recordings (which, of course, i am going to do), the process of constantly disciplining myself for Her will leave me helplessly brainwashed. But every time i do that, it drives home the extent of Her power, which turns me on and tortures me even more. Fiendish and fun in equal measure.
Tuesday, 04 September 2012
This is an intense session that will leave you aching, desperate, yet helpless to relief your arousal. I actually felt exactly what Princess Shelle described in the session. The fact that her words can translate into physical stimuli is impressive to say the least. I'm actually fearful of listening to this again, but it's that good. I wasn't able to cum at all, no matter what I do. It's scary, but I love Princess Shelle's control over me!
Friday, 22 June 2012
Another great chastity file from Princess Shelle. If you enjoyed the previous ones, you'll love this file. It's a bit tougher than the other chastity files, so if you like chastity at all, it's well worth the price.
Wednesday, 13 June 2012
All Locked Up. What more is there to say? Can i even describe how happy i am when i obey and please Domina? Obeying Princess Shelle is absolute pleasure. Lucky, so lucky to be fully under Her control. i trust Princess completely, and i surrender completely.
Thursday, 07 June 2012
I waited until a week after Chastity Month had ended to get this file. During that time I sunk in that I wanted Domina to have this control. Control She already had with a single whispered command, but this file cements that and makes it inescapable. If i fail at the challenge issued during this session and i am serious about it, another task is required. I will not fail Domina. The control is already Yours.
Friday, 01 June 2012
All Locked Up 'is a brilliant trap, even by your standards, Domina! If I "succeed", we'll both know how complete your control over me really is. And if I "fail", there's no escape from your logic: I will have to beg you to take control of my keys. Either way, I'll be at your mercy forever, totally vulnerable to any future plans you may have for tightening your grip even further. In fact, just thinking about the mind that's capable of trapping me in such a (sweet) dilemma smothers my ego and leaves me in awe. I am mastered. Thank you!
Friday, 01 June 2012
thank YOU PrincessDominaShelle for taking YOUR pets even deeper and deeper so deep and in loving and longing chastity for YOU - no one can imagine how good it feels to give up every own will just to please YOU PrincessDominaShelle beloved Mistress thank YOU for giving YOUR pets this wonderful feeling of giving control to YOUR alluring voice and YOUR will....YOUR laughing and giggling is like the most shining sunrise to YOUR pets blank minds.....horny....limp....JUST THANK YOU PrincessDominaShelle thank YOU for taking control over YOUR pets desires, wills, sexuality
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