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Bimbo | Shelle RiversBimbo | Shelle Rivers



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I will turn you into My mindless, giggling, airhead BIMBO, and you will love it.

Bimbo (34 minutes):

I’m going to take you into My Fantasy House, and W/we can play together in there...
I can dress you up, I can do your makeup, and I can do your hair...
I can turn you into My very own Bimbo doll!
you’re already excited, aren’t you, My sweet girl?
I can see it in your eyes, My darling...
I’ll take you deep into trance, transport you to My Fantasy House, and then program your sweet submissive mind, to do as I desire.
I’ll help you, My sweet, to become more at ease with your true self... The girl inside you, is who you should be, who you need to be, so let Me help, My sweet...
I will program your mind, to embrace your feminine side more fully, and to fully express yourself as My mindless Bimbo pet.
It will be so much fun, for U/us both!
I will turn you into My mindless, giggling, airhead Bimbo, and you will love the way you feel when I do. In fact, I know that you will love it so much, you’ll beg for Me to do it over and over.
Perhaps it’s best if I leave you with a triggered reaction, My sweet... Would you like that?
I can make it so that you spend more and more time as a mindless airhead, whose only desires are pleasing Me, and being more feminine. Hmm, doesn’t that sound hot?
Perhaps I should make it so that you become more and more aroused, each time it happens? I know that definitely sounds hot!
Oh, My sweet girl, come along and allow Me to play... Let Me fuck your mind into total Bimbo blissfulness!

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Friday, 03 June 2022
Listening to this file is like stepping into an oil infused hot bath. So relaxing, without a care in the world. You have entered a safe haven where you are free to be you - under Domina's watchful gaze. i will be returning to this file again and again, without question. So good!!!
Sunday, 01 May 2022
Listening makes me feel SO good! Domina Shelle knows just how to motivate and encourage me into becoming her perfectly mindless giggling airheaded sissy! giggles! i just want to listen again and again and AGAIN! Each listen brings out my inner bimbo more and more and helps me to feel comfortable expressing myself as Dominas blank and horny sissy slave… giggles… This is DEFINITELY a session i’ll play often and repeat over and over again as i sleep… giggles! ❤️
Friday, 29 April 2022
This file is excellent. Written in such a way that it's perfect for everyone from curious sissy's all the way through to trans women. Highly recommended!
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