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Black Magic Woman | Shelle RiversBlack Magic Woman | Shelle Rivers

Black Magic Woman


Product SKU: Black Magic Woman

Erotic MIND NUMBING Hypnosis. Under My Spell you will never be the same...

Level: Strong-Medium
Length: 68+ minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control
Sample: LINK

Erotic MIND NUMBING Hypnosis.  Under My Spell you will never be the same, come here and feel Me drain your brain.  My sexy voice will leave you helpless to MY will, so come here, be seduced by My SPELL.  Satin or Silk, Leather or Lace, or maybe Black Panties With An ANGEL'S face. ***GIGGLES***

Come and have some magical fun with ME...this will make you feel sooooo good, My pet....I want you to be Mine, is this the file where it happens?  Kisses

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Sunday, 11 June 2023
A wonderful piece from Domina. I don’t remember much from this session, mostly that i want to experience it again. It’s been a while since ive Listened, yet the effects are permanent. It feels so good to have Domina permanently etch Her rightful spot in the Mind, to feel the Absolute Authority of Her Powerful Control in a Magical Trance
Wednesday, 29 December 2021
How is it this file is not listed as a COMPULSION. i thought i had been very deep for Domina before. But this file goes beyond anything i have encountered so far. i was so far gone i felt disoriented for a hour afterwards. i really want to go back into it. It felt that good. i woke so damn wet it was running down my leg. Looking at the first review, this file is from 2014. Domina has been creating Masterpieces for a very long time. She really is an excellent story teller. Weaving Her web of seductive sticky words. She really does deserve some sort of reward or recognition for Her efforts. The only thing that bothered me was its length. But the trance is to die for. i really do want to be back in there and i will. i want to listen to this file at least every month. Its magnificent, its truly a work of art. Thank You Domina for taking me and owning me. You are my Domina, my Absolute Authority.
Tuesday, 09 July 2019
This early file is a must have for all Domina Shelle fans and slaves not only because it introduces one of Domina's fundamental triggers but also because it leads from a classical induction to an imaginary fantasy journey that is perfect to train the listener's imagination for of vivid in trance experiences. And while the scenes continue to change and my mind tries to follow it is soaked with Her words and ideas. And there are giggles- lovely 5 star giggles.
Monday, 08 July 2019
My all-time favorite from way back. The 2nd half of this file is supernaturally good. I highly recommend this very enjoyable file.
Wednesday, 02 November 2016
Wow! A dream within a dream. I didn't really know what to expect. And I'm finding it difficult to say what was actually involved. Though a long file, the time passed so quickly. I know that I experienced it all but somehow I can't remember many of the details. The strongest memory is that part of this file resembled a kind of first date with our beautiful princess and fell even more in love with her. Thank-you for recommending this and can't wait to listen again.
Thursday, 27 October 2016
Yes this great little love story in which one's falls deeply into a trance from your Domina Shelled sweet voice . That why I am thinking it is magic why are mindless going into deep trance control by are one and only Domina Shelle
Wednesday, 21 September 2016
This will have to be a brief review since this slave only remembers the pleasure of falling deeper and deeper, and the amazing feeling of lust and well-being when waking up. Well worth it.
Tuesday, 20 September 2016
Well this is an older File, so it´s pretty hard to write a fair review, the quality surely wasn´t the same as to what i am used to from her now a days...Was it one of her best Files to this time? Well i can´t tell, but from listening to the File, it´s surely possible that it was one of the best Files...

In this Files i got lost, then i got lost again and once again, it somehow felt as if i was listening to three different Files, jumping from one to another, getting completly confused, until i end up on a lovely Place together with a wonderful Princess, a Place i never wanted to leave, this Place where i lost all control to her, this Place where she owned me, this Place i still where stuck hours after the listening ended, such a lovely Place, if i just could have stayed there forever, why did she had to wake me up? >.<

All in all this was a beautiful File, i do feel even more owned by her then before and i surely will come back to this lovely Place where i can be together with her ^-^


Wednesday, 25 November 2015
By the end of this file, I understood that I will belong to Domina Shelle forever. I could never escape now even if I wanted to, and I don't want to. I love her voice and her triggers. I will be listening to this file over and over again. I love Domina Shelle!
Saturday, 24 October 2015
This become a favorite the first time i listened and managed to remember something about it. Why this isn't mandatory or compulsory, i don't know. i'm thankful that Domina suggested listening to it.
Thursday, 22 October 2015
Black magic woman got me deep deep down and the triggers are in my mind. Want to lissen again and again.
Saturday, 17 October 2015
It's a wonder why I haven't got this file sooner. Maybe I was intimidated by the length of it, I'm not sure. But I'm glad that I finally got this. This is just epic. It's like one big love spell. Over an hour of deep hypnosis. I was so full of energy after this. This file also works well if a slave is in chastity. I found this so powerful that this file could be one of those files that will make new submissives take that final step and fully submit to Domina Shelle. I love Domina Shelle. I belong to Her. Can't think anything that could change it. This file made me these feelings even stronger than ever.
Tuesday, 01 September 2015
Come let your Mistress weave her spell through your mind, her words like a gossamer web trapping you, tugging you this way and that. Feel the pleasure, numbness, arousal, control and she drags you deep. This file is an amazing experience, as she conditions your mind to - well, I'm not entirely sure? Every time I listen her triggers hit me harder, take me deeper and are implanted more strongly - and I remember a little less of what happened. I can't wait until next time!
Friday, 03 July 2015
She may not be a witch but she knows how to weave the black magic. Such a great file by Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 01 March 2015
One thing I love about Princess Shelle’s files is how she layers her inductions and stories. This file is another of my favorites and my Domina seduces my mind not one, not two, but three separate times! There is, naturally, the first layer of inductions as She puts you deep into hypnosis so She can begin her story. Soon you’ll find yourself outside a circus tent of a beautiful fortune teller. Drawn inside, She will gladly give you a peek into your future. Of course, this isn’t some charlatan, but a powerful woman who seduces your mind even deeper into hypnosis and into a new story. Drifting back in time, you’re a teenager on a date with a beautiful young woman. Lucky you! But watch out, She isn’t some dim witted dist, but your Domina. Lured into the Tunnel of Love, you’ll again find yourself turning over your mind in exchange for pleasure. After She’s taken you for Her ride, Princess Shelle peels back the layers again, some how making bringing you up just another way to deepen her control over your mind.
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