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Blue MaidenBlue Maiden

Blue Maiden


Product SKU: Blue Maiden

This will bring you another step closer to COMPLETELY living under MY wicked control...

Level: Hard
Length: 22 minutes
Category: Sexy-Brainwashing-Mind Control-CONFUSION

Come to Me, kneel at the feet of Her Blue Majesty.  She uses Her beauty and magical words to pull you closer than before.  She will seduce you into a deeper trance and wreck your mind with Her thoughts.  This mp3 will touch your HEART, your mind and bring you amazing arousal.

Converting your thinking.
Guiding you to your perfect place, adjusting your priorities.
She will establish your role and command your service.
you will be Her loyal and committed slave....The further your training progresses the greater My control flows through you, so naturally.
Her words captivate you as Her wicked ways play with your mind.

Don't miss this, one of My most BEAUTIFUL pieces of work.

This hypnotic mp3 has a mixture of CONFUSION and Subliminals---enhancing your trance and deepening your submission.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016
Feels like entering a blue heaven and angels whispering softly in my ears.. ooh how hard it is to turn back to reality when Domina just did such a superb job to pull me down deeper into submission and love for Her. Thank You Domina, my Blue Maiden, please please continue to take possession of my mind..
Wednesday, 28 January 2015
This is different than most of Domina'a files or at least it had different effect on me. I found this to be more spiritual and kinda poetic. But at some point I was so relaxed that I lost the meaning of the words she was saying and it became more important how she said them. This caused my mind to shift between relaxing and refocusing. That doesn't usually happen to me, so it was bit surprising.
Monday, 12 January 2015
journey slave review ...Speechless, should i write a Review now? Let´s see... What i can say is that this File starts with how should i call it Hypno poetry? That this was beautiful and from there are on it´s like i was gone, i experienced something wonderful and woke up kneeling in front of you, heartbroken? Näh that´s not it, but something happened, you took it away and all what i now is that my heart is hurting and that i crave to experience this again... Does this make any Sense? i swear i have no idea what happened all what i truly know is that this was wonderful
Saturday, 20 December 2014
Hello to the Blue Maiden,,tons of pleasure's as you listen to it. This remind of song by The Doors , " Lite My Fire ". But it done by a blue flame that lit the pleasure , love , submission ,devotion @ the end you feeling a high from Blue Maiden in your Mistress , your Domina Shelle is the Blue Maiden . As flames die out and feeling from it the slave in want it a gain . So your addiction to the flame is lit so one listen again and again .
Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Once again, Domina Shelle displays Her most beautiful and creative mind. From a sense, of feeling i should be protecting Her, to wanting Her protection, to becoming clearer of Domina's goals for Her slave, to realizing my growing need for Her "presence" in my everyday life, this file is another step in deepening my devotion to serving and loving Her, forever.
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Domina has the most amazing and talented mind. We are so blessed to serve her. This file touches my very soul. I want nothing more than to kneel before our Goddess and worship her. I had stepped into heaven and was before the Goddess of the universe, and her name is Goddess Shelle.
Monday, 15 December 2014
This file is true poetry. It is like being drown in a pool of beautiful and sensual words. And I let myself melting into the sound of my Domina's sensual, erotic and wicked words. It is like a wave that push me to you, and I cannot escape. I am so drawn to you, my Domina.
Monday, 15 December 2014
Absolutely beautiful session, with a style that reminds me of Domina's Sleeping Forest series. Only, with less mystical/erotic overtones, and a touch more submission. Perfect for listening to right before her upcoming challenge! Come and kneel at your Blue Maiden's feet!
Friday, 12 December 2014
WOW, that one is really beautiful, that will leave you happy and thinking more and more about Princess, it's like a sweet dream
Friday, 12 December 2014
This file knocked myself out. Hours later i awoke again dream of my Domina and being in service to Her. While it helped me to easily fall into sleep it also increased my devotion and the need to serve my Blue Maiden, Domina Shelle. And this file is highly arousing while my Domina lures me into Her world with wispers into my ear. Thank You Blue Maiden.
Friday, 12 December 2014
A stunningly beautiful session. With each new method of control and brainwashing, Domina Shelle brings Her pets more firmly under Her Dominion. Blue Maiden may be fairly short, but it packs a very significant punch. I find myself wanting to listen to this one again and again.
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