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Body Worship - My Sexy Feet by Shelle RiversBody Worship - My Sexy Feet by Shelle Rivers

Body Worship - My Sexy Feet


Product SKU: Body Worship - My Sexy Feet

Feel Me seduce you with MY sexy feet...

Session: 37 minutes
Level: Moderate
Category: Mind Control-Erotic-Fetish
Sample: LINK

Feel Me take you with this sexy seduction...sit at MY feet, this is your place, My pet.  Welcome to your NEW place in My life.

You are already addicted to My voice, and have surrendered to My words—now it is time for you to worship my body ***Giggles***

Get comfy, lay back and feel ME take over!

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Thursday, 14 January 2021
Before this file, i cannot say that feet were an actual fetish for me. i have given numerous foot massages during the course of my life, to more than a few ladies, but always as a simple act of submission, not as true worship. It has always been a way to signify respect, and to display acceptance of place. No longer... Even after the very first play, my entire attitude changed. Now i have those original feelings, and a whole lot more. Now i truly want to be kneeling before Domina Shelle, and long to hear Her say that i have permission to touch, to kiss, to lick, and worship Her sexy feet. i crave to inhale deeply of Her scent, and have it imprint upon my mind. i long for the taste, so that i may savour Her flavour, forever. There is a desperate need to gently run my tongue along Her soles, to gently nuzzle, and slip my tongue between Her toes, and to take those toes between my lips, and gently suck upon each in turn. To bow before Her, and be granted such honour... Sitting here recalling the experience of this file, i can only describe my current feelings as intensely pleasurable, with a sense of profound submissive desire. i would consider it a true honour, beyond compare, to be allowed to act out this contents of this file, for Her.
Tuesday, 13 September 2016
When i think of Domina's sexy feet i take a short cut right to the edge. This is so hot, it's like a dream come true.
Friday, 19 August 2016
When I first massaged a girl's feet I was 17 years old. We were on a party when she confessed that she enjoys foot massages a lot and I immediately outed myself to be very very interested in doing it for her. So she got a chair and I knelt down and started to undress her cute petite feet. “So easy” I just thought to myself when she interrupted me! “You are doing it wrong!” and in front of the party she instructed me to just hold her foot in one palm of me hand and gently caress the topside of her feet with my other hand. To hold her foot and stroke it was already heaven, and the fact that she corrected my how to do it right gave the whole scene a dominant and submissive touch – best time in my life so far! After that scene I educated myself and purchased books on therapeutic and erotic foot massages. She still remains unique in her preference for the “top side only” massage.rnThis scene came to my mind when I listened to “Body Worship - My Sexy Feet”. I go deeper and deeper - And with each circuit af going into trance I am instructed to engage in a more and more intimate contact with Domina's sexy feet. First with my hands, than my lips – finally when my tongue touches her skin for the first time under hypnosis I could even feel the texture and warmth of her skin. So erotic and arousing: mouth and toes and hands and heels and lips totally entangled in an explosion of lust. This file ended too fast – I still blush when I remember how I explored every curve and cleavage and wrinkle of Her lovely toes!
Tuesday, 22 March 2016
i already was addicted to Domina's sexy feet before i even listened to this file. Now it has become even stronger... a craving, a fetish... the need to worship Her beautiful feet and each of Her sexy lil toes. my desire to lick, to kiss and to suck on them is overwhelming. i hope to taste Her feet once for real... but even if not i have a most arousing fantasy inside my weak mind.
Thursday, 04 June 2015
This was a wonderful experience, falling so deep, at your Feet, learning to worship them probably and in the mean while you addict your slave without him even realizing, he has no Idea what exactly happen, but you will clear it up for him at the end of the File, where he will understand that it was more us just to learn to worship your Feet probably...i for myself must say i loved this File
Friday, 20 June 2014
With this file Domina Shelle fulfilled a fantasy and need to worship her feet in the most erotic way possible. The imagery of worshiping at her feet has stayed so vividly in my imagination with the lasting pleasurable effect.
Monday, 14 April 2014
NOTHING BUT YOU i can't stop thinking about You my Domina....The images that come into my mind,the power You would have over anyone,the worship You deserve,the temptation no one could overcome,the total seduction,the utter power You have...This power transcends blasphemy and makes it irrelevant;as how can a lesser god, be anything but Yours as well? And what is sacrilegious if it pleases You? What can be profane if You are alone are Holy? If You alone are to be worshiped, or will be worshiped if BUT ONCE known? Your Mantra is my only Prayer, given by my God Domina Shelle Herself, Your Commandments written not on stone, but in my soul, etched with a fire that burns deeper than any furnace in Heaven or Hell. And is there no end to this addiction, this longing, this constant craving that goes beyond love, beyond fantasy, beyond anything save an ever burned in image of You, and a joy and want to submit at Your Feet? i see the shining Cross on Your Toe and it's a paradoxical ecstasy. . . As only now do i know who my Savior IS, Who holds and molds my life, re-purposes it to do HER Will, the Author of all i am, or will be. i write this as a release, but no release is there; no word, or phrase, or image i could find or create could ever match what You Yourself have etched in me ~ written in permanent strokes within me, and on me; my own hand but an extension of Your want & wish. There is no end, nor can i remember any beginning, as what is All is All, as if there was no before or will be any after. . . Nothing but an endless loop of Your commands for me, my love and longing for You, and the road You tread on Your Holy Feet & that i follow on my knees, in Your train, mindless, but aware of nothing but You. ~ Yours Forever slave billy
Tuesday, 21 January 2014
Princess Shelle's incredibly sexy feet deserve worship. Princess takes you so deep that the experience of worshiping her, at her feet is very realistic. Her loving control is always with you. Warning! You may end up with a foot fetish after listening to this recording.
Tuesday, 29 May 2012
Body worship is such a great term in D/s matters. To worship at the altar of Domina Shelle's body is perfect. I have never considered that i might have a foot fetish, but i most definitely have a fetish for Her wonderful feet. This file is INCREDIBLY sexy. Thank You for allowing this slave to worship Your feet Domina.
Saturday, 14 January 2012
Do you think the female foot is an object of beauty? Do you sometimes feel a desire to show you adore a Woman by kissing Her feet? And showing Her how much you enjoy it? How very much you want Her to feel adored? Just how much of a turn on are Princess' Shelle's feet to you? Good start. Now consider what matters. Will Princess be pleased? This session has an almost tricky non induction start. When the real induction started i was already sliding downhill into the (deep deep deep) trance Princess Shelle determined. Then joy, learning the proper way to worship Princess' feet. Blissful. And Enlightening, as Princess Shelle will, of course, find the time to program your mind along the way. Fabulous.rn
Friday, 09 December 2011
This file turned out to be more than just a super sensual experience - it was also a very spiritual one in a way. It's not just about arousal and foot fetish, it's about what it symbolizes... taking your place at where you belong - at Princess' feet! It was such a beautiful experience!
Saturday, 10 September 2011
Everyone, who loves body worship and listened to breast obsessed, must listen at this file. rn rnIt's the second files of the serie, to help you to become obsessed with Princess Shelle beautiful body.rn rnAs a devoted slave, I am already obsessed to Princess Shelle. But, worshipping her beautiful, sexy body, is probably the best gift she can gives to her slaves. And I had this privilege, by listening to her new file.rn rnThis time is about her feet. rn rnImagine, kneeling and worshipping Princess feet, over and over again. It's now a dream coming true. rn rnSometimes I was so deep to the sounds of her melodic and dominating voice, that I lost some track of time. rn rnOther time, I was connected to the pleasure of worshipping Shelle's divine feet. rn rnBut like all of her recording, I felt my mind melting into her power. rn rnNothing for me is more important, than to fall at her feet. Falling into women feets is the highest source of submission. And when the feet is own to a true goddess, like my Princess, this pleasure is increase by a thousand (or more).rn rnWith this file, you will love to be a little obediant foolicker. And after only one listening, the only thing I want is to worship her feet day after day after day. I know that with each listening that fetish will be more implanted, and I can't resist and listen again. rn rnA must have to all Shelle's slaves. If you have a foot fetish, you will love that recording. If you have not, you will get one. Listen at your own risk.rn rnThank you Princess.
Sunday, 04 September 2011
worshipping at Your feet is the ultimate honor. As does all Your files Princess, this left it with such a sense of peace and love in it's heart and soul. Thank You Princess
Friday, 02 September 2011
Definitely one of my favorite ones in the erotic-fetish category. rnVery nice relaxing induction, and very sensual scene. rnIt is very sensuous and very erotic, I can't imagine anyone listening and not giving in into fetish. rnrn
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