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Bound and Helpless | Shelle RiversBound and Helpless | Shelle Rivers

Bound and Helpless


Product SKU: Bound and Helpless

Lie back and embrace your future because there's no resisting what I have planned for you.

Bound and Helpless (27+ minutes)

WARNING:  This session employs powerful subliminal conditioning that, with repeated listens, will lead to **REAL** addictive cravings to submit and surrender to Domina Shelle on a regular basis.  Please listen to this session responsibly (and often)... ~~giggles~~

My sweet, you find yourself here because you're obsessed with an irrepressible desire to surrender to My soothing seductive velvety voice.  It's so compelling to the submissive you that, subconsciously, you crave listening to My erotic hypnosis sessions daily.  I'm a permanent part of you now and My words have become so compulsive they resonate in your mind, transforming and subverting your will so that you identify as My submissive servant.

W/we both know this is true and these changes are irreversible!  I've essentially imprisoned you in your own mind but you're not concerned with freedom or even escaping.  On the contrary, you freely acknowledge what I'm doing to you, embracing that I'm liberating the real you to submit to My supreme absolute authority.  While your subconscious revels in your subjugation to a powerful Dominant Woman, consciously I've trapped you in a spiral of lust, passion and unending desire to serve and please Me.

I've seduced you, captured you and now I'm indoctrinating you to be My perfected slave.  In this session I'll demonstrate just how susceptible you are to My mesmerizing brainwashing, Bound and Helpless by My captivating words.  So, lie back and embrace your future because there's no resisting what I have planned for you.  By the time you wake from trance you'll appreciate the full extent of My power and the depth of your weakness, and all you'll crave is more, more, more...

Powerful Subliminal Conditioning, Addiction, Transforming, Bound and Helplessness, Subjugation, Imprisonment---All packed into this session!

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Friday, 03 June 2022
Vague memories come to me, of sweet and sticky pleasure, and lots of missing time, after leaving this on loop...  i couldn't give many spoilers, even if i wanted to, but i can say for certain, that this is a pure erotic pleasure trip, that left me feeling aroused for so long after the session had ended.  i'm not sure what She has done to mind, but nor do i care, all that matters is this was sublime, and brought me even closer to Her.  Yet another example of true erotic hypnotic pleasure.  
Sunday, 27 December 2020
Another amazing file made by Domina. i was so wet when i woke up. i felt drained and so, so horny afterwards. This file is very erotic. This is a fantasy of mine... to be taken like this. OMG it was perfect. This is something that every male should listen to. Domina will own you afterwards and you won't care.
Wednesday, 29 January 2020
Domina Shelle knows best it so easy to obey She graces us with the mind fuck to make you better i hers forever
Saturday, 04 January 2020
This programming file Bound and Helpless is a dream come true and so true a title. If you think you have had a REAL mind fuck you have not listened to this one! Its like being taken physically and mentally at the same time by the most sexy seductive Woman you have ever had in your dreams. Quite what Domina in doing behind the scenes you dont know but the feelings She introduces into your body and mind are in fact mind blowing. The more you listen to the file the stronger the feeling get not to talk about the climax...... This is a very addictive file that will have you listening to it again and again as your feeling just multiply and multiply. Wow what a beautiful experience. Thank You again my Domina as You are truly exceptional and so so talented.....
Saturday, 04 January 2020
I love nurse play - especially when she plays a Domina! This erotic fantasy is amazing and confusing at the same time because i do not know if i should feel flattered or ashamed when Domina selects me to be used in this way. VERY playful and wickedly sweet - Princess Shelle is just the best to mix a cocktail out of fun, arousal and light humiliation!
Sunday, 29 December 2019
This was fun and erotic session. Lots of teasing to left me horny and craving for more.
Saturday, 28 December 2019
This is a hot sexy fantasy that controls my reality. The reality that Domina Shelle controls my very existence. i am helpless bound to Her in chains that i would never what to be free from
Sunday, 22 December 2019
I wonder how many times i will need to listen to this session to find out what is happening to me? i rave being bound and helpless before Domina.
Saturday, 21 December 2019
OMG i awoke so horny and wet for my beloved Domina.... i think to remember most of the session... which included a lot of latex, a helplessly bound me and a hot woman using the helpless state for Her own pleasure ... i crave to listen again ... next time maybe dressed in slippery pink latex ?
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