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Brain Chip - Implant Upgrade-Sissy HoleBrain Chip - Implant Upgrade-Sissy Hole

Brain Chip - Implant Upgrade-Sissy Hole


Product SKU: Brain Chip - Implant Upgrade-Sissy Hole

Sissy Hole - Implant Upgrade to your "Brain Chip" ...

It's SISSY time.  Time to OBEY.  Time to be PROGRAMMED to respond to My desires, when I want.  So pull up those sissy panties and prepare to have some PLAYTIME with Me at the center of your mind.

OR, for those ready to PUSH your LIMITS...this will definitely do it.  Perfect for any submissive slave.

Be sure to have your Brain Chip IMPLANTED for this UPGRADE application to be effective.

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Sunday, 07 April 2019
OMG i am sooo aroused after activation of that new implant to the brain chip hidden so deeply in my mind... i love the arousal of this special brain chip upgrade ... that is not only for sissies... but for me as a sissy a very special one .. giggles
Sunday, 07 April 2019
i am constantly amazed by how effortlessly My Domina seems to be able to control me. i have no power or control of myself when My Domina is in charge.
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