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Brain Chip Upgrade-Guinea Pig 2Brain Chip Upgrade-Guinea Pig 2

Brain Chip Upgrade-Guinea Pig 2


Product SKU: Brain Chip Upgrade-Guinea Pig 2

Implant Upgrade to your Brain Chip - Guinea Pig Experiment 2.

Everything about you is operating on a system, free from the subtle shifts of personality and desire, free from thinking about how to respond or why, you are responding to your programming and it’s time for a new upgrade.

Prepare for Installation:  Power Down subject- Activate control chip –Guinea Pig - ready for installation.

NO DETAILS on this implant except that you will find yourself with a new KINKY fetish, a desire that is UNLIKE any other desire you may have experienced in the past.  This is an EXPERIMENT to see just how deeply this INSTALLATION will affect you.

you allowed Me to IMPLANT Guinea Pig-1....Now you are addicted to My evil ways....Listen without thought!

(Session is to be listened to by all subjects with My Brain Chip INSTALLED)

Be sure to have your Brain Chip Implanted for this UPGRADE application to be effective.

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Friday, 26 January 2018
I am addicted to Domina's evil ways, and I love it. I never know when something may happen that makes me long even more for Her control.
Wednesday, 27 December 2017
i liked this much better that the first one. Much more enjoyable. Altought i think i already had this fetish. But it's much more stronger now.
Wednesday, 27 December 2017
Not that any of us need extra help to keep Domina on our minds, but this additional fetish on top? i'm starting to get Aroused again just typing about it. This is ecstacy.
Tuesday, 26 December 2017
This second guinea pig upgrade is so hot, so arousing. Even though i was only triggered on TV and the internet the effects are overwhelmingly strong. Despite that i fear that it will make me mindless and horny in public, i long that the encoded program will activate on the street.
Tuesday, 26 December 2017
Even though the first Guinea Pig file pushed my limits a little, i was curious to find out, what Domina Shelle had in store for me this time.
i don't worry about what She might do, because i trust Her.
This time, i already had this fetish and so, it was boosted by a million. Regardless if it's in pictures, on the streets, on TV, my focus is drawn to this little detail and each time, i'm reminded of my beautiful Owner!
Monday, 25 December 2017
In all h

Anyway it may wasn´t the smartest Idea to listen to the first Guinea Pig one and then this right after, cause now i am in double trouble, but it´s fine i love having Princess on my Mind everysecond as well as being horny for her, thought with how this Guinea Pig Files go so far, i have the funny feeling that at somepoint she could use all of them together and make it impossible to look anywhere without getting tunred on for her, but honestly would this really be bad? i don´t think so, i love all this friendly reminders about her control over me and the possibility for her to mold me as she likes, also i am not worried in the slightest about what she could do to me, cause i know i can trust her ^-^
Saturday, 23 December 2017
After in the brain chip series, you are missing out on what it feels like to push your known limits in a way that is both safe and extremely stimulating. There is nothing more thrilling to know that somebody you respect and trust has the power and authority to dictate your desires. For any true submissive this kind of feeling is what dreams are made of and, for the uninitiated, Domina Shelles controls them too. This is another incredible example of Domina Shelle's mind manipulation and for the price it is a bargain.
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