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Brain Drain | Shelle RiversBrain Drain | Shelle Rivers

Brain Drain


Product SKU: Brain Drain

This session will have you drained of all thoughts and trained to be MY goodboy.

Session Length: 55 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control-Erotic
Sample: LINK

This session will have you drained of all thoughts and trained to be MY goodboy.  I will take you to the deepest level of submission and OBEDIENCE...not to speak of EROTICISM.  There will be NOTHING left of your own Come on, be MINE forever!  There are a few SURPRISES too...I LOVE fucking your mind or should I say fucking with your mind!

Included are two MP3 versions for your listening preference-one file with and one file without binaural BEATS.

Make sure you USE your headphones to obtain the BEST effects.

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Tuesday, 08 September 2015
Trust Domina Shelle. Give your mind to Domina Shelle. And SHE will give a great gift of pleasure.
Saturday, 05 September 2015
Again it confirm that also Domina Shelle's older creations are very powerful, as She took me deep into trance where i remember surreal scenes of arousal, submission and pure lust. my head is still spinning as i write this review, still feeling the rest of a comfy trance where i handed over my brain to Her. Is it because of She has drained my brain empty that i have memory leaks of the trance. i don't know and i don't care. All that is important is obeying my Domina to please Her and to make Her happy.
Friday, 04 September 2015
Yes Domina, take my mind. OMG, this was so intense. I'm all exhausted and drained out, lol. I think I need to go lie down.
Friday, 17 October 2014
Also this file indicates very well the indescribable qualities of Domme Shelle as hypnotherapist
Monday, 18 March 2013
Amazingly arousing, exceedingly erotic. This tale takes some unexpected twists, but is pure pleasure the entire way. Of course Princess will get what She wants too... one inevitably becomes more enslaved to Her with each and every listen to each and every session. What could be better? Relax, submit, and discover just how enjoyable it is to submit to Princess' Brain Drain.
Thursday, 20 September 2012
When I awoke, I don't even have a thought, which is mine. I only heard Princess Shelle's words echoed and echoed. This left me completely drained and obedient. I must obey My Mistress.
Wednesday, 29 August 2012
may be the Best trance i had, i can't remember a lot but when i wake up i felt a strange pleasure, like never before it shows my Princess power over me i think all the Princess slaves should have this file in their libraries, Thank YOU my Domina for this masterpiece
Tuesday, 11 October 2011
A great femdom hypnosis files is a file that leave you very relaxed, very deep into a blissful hypnotic trance, and keep you very aroused and horny at the same time.rnrnI think that “Brain Drain” from Princess Shelle, meets these requirements. An hour long file, that begin by relaxing images from a cinema scream, and turn gradually into a mind melting experience, where deep sexual pleasure is in the front place.rnrnThis is the only file from Shelle, in my knowledge that use binaural sounds that guide you in a even deeper relaxation than her previous files. rnrnHer voice is sweet and relaxing, and I love falling for her, but those sounds add some pleasurable effect to that feeling of letting go. rnrnThe key of this recording is a perfect recording, between relaxation and arousal. And this combination is, (I think) a part from her evil plan to brainwashed you more efficiently, and make you her more easily.rnrnThis file is to buy, if you want to try something new, because it’s the only file that used that technique, and for me is very effective.rnrnI am left relaxed, obedient and completely drained. I don’t even know, if I wrote that review from my own thought, or if Princess whisper her thought in my head.
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