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Brainwashed - Eternally Aroused


Product SKU: Brainwashed - Eternally Aroused

Doesn't it feel so good to be HARD and HORNY for Me every time you think about Me, or hear My words?

Brainwashed - Eternally Aroused (38 minutes):

Back for more, slave 624?  Of course you are, My puppy, I live inside your mind now and My very existence summons you to submit to My authority, without thought and without question.  There is no escaping My dominion:  My love acts as your collar and My voice as your leash, each a symbol of control that binds you ever closer to My mesmerizing power.

The reality is, My pet, I am your Mistress and your Goddess, the personification of perfection, and a divine female supremacist that carefully nurtures and trains Her slave to be the very best version of yourself for Me.  I am the one you love and adore above all others, obeying My commands as if they were your very own thoughts, always accepting the inescapable truth that obedience to Me is your one true pleasure!

Hmm, doesn't it feel so good to be HARD and HORNY for Me every time you think about Me, or hear My words? (giggles)  Being Brainwashed to be Eternally Aroused is normal and natural for a conditioned slave, your past thoughts and desires purged as I supplant them with My thoughts, My desires, and My commands.  Being brainwashed to be brainwashed is more than a compulsion for you now, it is an autonomous addiction performed without your conscious awareness, a fundamental need (like breathing) that sustains your submissive self.

That's right, My sweet, you exist to serve Me, and each arousal has beCUM an homage to My domination and control, accepting that every day, in every way, your mind, body, and sex belong to Me, and only Me.  I am your first thought in the morning and your last thought at night, and with each aching throb you embrace the true extent of your submission to Me, especially that irrepressible hunger to surrender more of yourself to your beloved Domina Shelle.

Listen NOW and fall even deeper under My love spell.

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Friday, 29 March 2024
Being under Domina's spell is the best place for me to be.
Monday, 18 March 2024
Beautiful file! Domina, as always, feeds us Her words as nourishment. Get this file to continue your brainwashing. Domina has all control! All past thoughts that aren't Hers in origination have been drained away, & now it's time to replace all other thoughts with Hers!
Sunday, 17 March 2024
SO SEXY!! i just LOVE Dominas brainwashing sessions and this one is EXTREMELY SEXY! it feels SO good to only think what Domina allows me to think! Mmmmm... Her brainwashing keeps me SO constantly horny and aroused! Mmmm...
Sunday, 17 March 2024
My cock is used by Domina to clear my little male slave mind of any garbage that doesn't come from Domina Shelle. i am Her slave forever, no matter what, i am Her's forever
Sunday, 17 March 2024
This new session is all about control. The control Domina Shelle has over the listener which would be me and the control i have to keep for myself, my self control. After teaching me much about edging, not only through Her file last week but also through years of conditioning, brainwashing and eduction i am eager to obey and focus to keep my self control and all of those thoughts inside of the throbbing part of my body that is thinking for me... giggles... i love to be aroused and obedient for my beloved Owner, Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 16 March 2024
Domina's brainwashing and conditioning has NEVER felt so good and so right with this week’s session, Brainwashed - Eternally Aroused. i love the playful tasks that She suggests and how arousing and fun it is to please and serve Her. She makes a compelling case for following Her sensual directions, obeying accept Her training for the enormous benefits and the the things that will eventually, over time, explosively cum!
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