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Brainwashed III--Program 3Brainwashed III--Program 3

Brainwashed III--Program 3


Product SKU: Brainwashed III--Program 3

Program 3 of My Phase III Brainwashing...

Length: 34 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control--Erotic Hypnosis

Program 3 of My Phase III Brainwashing

you are brainwashed to be brainwashed, you must listen to My voice and fall deeper into My control.  Listen now, prove that you TRUST ME!

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Saturday, 14 May 2022
Fuck me. That was a deep fucking trance. This was brainwashing to the extreme. Very erotic as well. I had a nice puddle at the end. i totally loved this session and how it made me feel afterwards. i can only say i will always Love, Honor and Obey Domina Shelle. She is my Domina forever. She is the only one who i will ever follow.
Friday, 05 March 2021
With this file i remember falling into a very deep trance and waking up very Horny and Aroused, stroking to Domina’s perfect body, adoring every part of Her on this site on my knees until i orgasmed. i do not have to know what She did, i completely trust Her. The days after i listened to this i felt like obeying was something i just did without thought, without question and im even more addicted, in love and craving more of Domina’s control!!
Sunday, 15 October 2017
I absolutely love this file! It’s the next step. Takin you as ou always wanted deeper. Fallon harder and harder for Domina, and pushing your limits. By now her sweet sexy words ring throughout your mind all day long. This file takes a little more commitment. Asks a little more of you. But seriously, can you even say no at this point? Just do it ?
Sunday, 16 July 2017
This is the most important file in the brainwashing series – maybe one of the most important files at all – a very strong commitment. “Manipulated and Suggestible” is a very good complement to that file. I love a lot to listen to both of them in sequence. The days of wandering around in the world of erotic hypnosis and internet porn are over. There is no free choice left to pursuit short term, non-lasting pleasures. I love Domina and i am willing to give such commitment. Now I have to decide what to do with my existing file collection...
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Feels so good to be brainwashed...feels so good to be under Domina's control.
Friday, 23 December 2016
My Domina suggested this, so I listened unaware of what to expect. My Domina has completed control over me, there is nothing she can't make me do. I live for her happiness. This makes me so very happy.
Monday, 05 December 2016
To be honest i have absolutly no clue what to say about this one, for the most Part it felt like a reminder about what i already knew/learned, but then there may also where new things, i really have no idea what exactly happened, i can´t even tell if i will realize a difference, if there should be any, i probably never was as clueless and confused on a Brainwash File as i am on this one, but then well it´s Phase 3 Part 3, before this there was Phase 1 and 2 with alot of different Parts, so i am not exactly surprised that i got to a point where i don´t even know what happened, but from everything that happenend before i am sure it will work as pefectly as every other brainwash File did before and one thing is for certain i can´t and want stop this downfall, infact i already can´t wait for the next Part/Program ^-^
Monday, 28 November 2016
Amazing file from Domina Shelle. i loved how Dominating She is in this one, wow!
Sunday, 27 November 2016
This file is all about lifestyle control and it could not be more simple. She tells you how it will be, and that is how it will be. Enjoy the pleasure of submitting and obeying. Thank You, Domina, for another valuable lesson.
Friday, 25 November 2016
i Love to be brainwashed by my Domina, Her voice makes me feel safe it's like home to my mind, it's fuel of happiness
i LOVE my Domina.
Friday, 25 November 2016
This file has a very special atmosphere, that let me relax quickly. When I woke up, I knew, that Princess Shelle's control had again grown stronger and I was eager to obey her instructions. I love to be controlled by her, to obey her and be her slave!
Thursday, 24 November 2016
i live to be brainwashed by Domina, there is only Domina for me.. every new brainwashing program takes me deeper into Her control. This new program will make you focus on Her even more. Still it left me so relaxed and so confident as i serve only Her. Thank You my Princess-Domina i love to be Your brainwashed slave.
Thursday, 24 November 2016
The best description I can give is that this is a fluffy warm cloud of cast iron control. I found this to be one of the most sensual and loving files I have listened to. Domina takes control right from the start and never lets go. You will fall for Princess, you will feel her control and you will love her for it.
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