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Brainwashed Naked | Shelle RiversBrainwashed Naked | Shelle Rivers

Brainwashed Naked


Product SKU: Brainwashed Naked

Open your NAKED mind to My authority and domination...

Session Length: 17+ minutes

It's time for more delirious, deviant and decadent brainwashing, My pet.  I want you to open your NAKED mind to My authority and domination so that I can implant new compulsions into your subconscious, to crave and associate your pleasure with My inescapable control.

That's right, My puppy, this powerful indoctrination session is behavior modification for the submissive mind, designed to quell thoughts of resistance and self indulgence and promote obedience and adoration to Me, your Domina and Princess.  you need to understand that I am in your mind now and My goal is to progressively and relentlessly enslave it to My will.  In return you feel the erotic pleasure of surrendering to one that nurtures and grows these submissive cravings so that they become a permanent part of who you are, My slave, with intense feelings of devotion, love and a need to make Me happy.

So, be My Goodboy, lie back, naked and relaxed, and let My words reprogram your brain to obsess about how submission and servitude to Me, your Domina and Princess, is what you really need.  you cannot resist My sweet, sexy voice, so let it consume you, and enjoy the pleasure of submission to your one true owner... (Giggles)

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Thursday, 15 July 2021
One of Domina's shorter session, but that's not an issue, as it works perfectly as a loop, be it as background for the daytime, or simply left on repeat overnight. As for the content, oh my... Wow! Domina is so soft, so sweet, and so sexy and seductive, in this. She'll slip right in, take you down, and have you wrapped around Her finger, before you even get a chance to realise what is happening. She will make you feel so weak and vulnerable, in the very best ways, and the only thing you'll desire, is giving in even further to Her desires. This is one of those perfect examples of erotic hypnosis, that proves not everything has to overtly sexual, to create massive arousal within a submissive subject. A perfect example of Domina's skill, and the control She will take, if you are willing to open your mind to Her. In my opinion, this is a 'must have' for any lover of erotic hypnosis, and a definite 'need' for any of Domina's slaves. Let Her brainwash your naked mind, and surrender to pleasure that is truly sublime. ❤
Friday, 30 April 2021
17 minutes of pure bliss. i just love being brainwashed by Domina. i have listened to this file multiple times now. i believe listen to it naked feels so much better to me. Hmmm or is that the brainwashing working. Probably is but i don't care because it feels so good. i love my Domina.
Sunday, 30 December 2018
Listening My Domina makes me so weak and vulnerable. So submissive, eager to please and serve Her. Craving Her control.
Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Being brainwashed by Domina is always a 5 star experience. Brainwashed Naked deserves more! Domina plays with the exchange of power and control under hypnosis and transforms it to the desire for more profound submission and loss of power and control. I crave to be weak and vulnerable for Domina. She makes me feel good when I am helpless and exposed – it feels like freedom. A dangerous but irresistible session. And while I spiral down I wonder: what is Domina up to? What is she preparing for!?
Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Another incredibly seductive & powerful brainwashing session with Domina Shelle. I cannot go a day without hearing Her voice now. This session will left me weak, exposed & vulnerable, craving to show how vulnerable i have become for Domina Shelle and to be exploited and controlled by her.
Sunday, 18 November 2018
Brainwashing is important for any slave of Domina Shelle to make sure to obey every command and to act like She desires a slave to act. She has perfected Her brainwashing technics once more in this file. As the name of the title is program you'll be compelled to get naked and exposed for your Domina ... so any sissy be warned as you'll want to undress those panties that are need to be worn to tighten around a sexy sissy bubble butt... giggles
Saturday, 17 November 2018
The power of Domina Shelle to influence behaviour and to instill the need to surrender to Her c. Be assured this is one arousing session and with repeated listens i suspect this will further associate Domina Shelle with submissive pleasure and mental domination, i know it certainly does for me!
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