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Brainwashed - Program 7 - SissyBrainwashed - Program 7 - Sissy

Brainwashed--Program 7 - Sissy


Product SKU: Brainwashed--Program 7 - Sissy

"My SISSY pet"

Session: 13+ minutes
Level: Progressive-Strong
Category: Sissy-Brainwashing

Program 7 - My sissy pet

Brainwashed to be a sissy for Me.  My BRAINWASHED sissy pet.  Feel the progression of My EXTREME BRAINWASHING---Mindlessly Brainwashed and HORNY---you are brainwashed....I am brainwashing need to be brainwashed by Me more and more now.

This program is NOT for beginners!  For the most POWERFUL effects listen to Program-1 before any of the additional sessions.  Be warned the sessions become progressively stronger with each program.

Slip into those sexy pink panties, play and be wet.  Be My sissy pet.

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Thursday, 10 December 2015
I've been listening to this along with brainwashing file 1 most mornings and nights. I'm really happy and thankful for these brainwashing sessions, I've been much much happier exploring my feminine side, and am looking forward to some other files to help me take my feminization further.
Wednesday, 10 June 2015
Every file from my Domina is a gift from my Domina. The fee is rather small, but the impact is massive. My Domina has allowed me to get just a little bit closer to my feminine side. Be a sissy for my Domina, at least once. I urge you to try it. You might like it! My Domina is still just as sweet as ever in this file. Yes, allowing Her to coax my feminine side out was such a wonderful choice.
Monday, 30 March 2015
i do not see myself as a sissy pet, but after listening to this file i might reconsider - just feels so great to have those 'feminine' feelings. Perhaps it's a start for something new and unexpected. As always, Mistress knows what's best for me.
Friday, 28 March 2014
I was already under sissy training from Mistress but She ordered me to listen to this one a lot to make me an even better sissy for Her ! And the more I listen the better I feel ! Craving to wear stockings and make up, thinking more and more like the sissy I am deep inside me, swaying my hips more often and longing to be Her sissy slave and pet !
Thursday, 27 March 2014
I bought this one as part of the full series and even though my Domina told me it is only optional I was not able to resist. I never had any interest or whatsoever when it comes to this topic but listening and looping my Princess' file it made me again realize that I would go down every path my Domina sents me to. I love you!
Monday, 29 July 2013
In this file Princess brings out the Sissy part of your personality. If you want to explore your feminity and feel how nipples could hurt then this file is for you. You could loose your masculine interests and love panties and stockings instead... Try it out it feels so good and clean...
Sunday, 30 June 2013
Princess Shelle was kind enough to allow this little sub human slave to not listen to this file, but my slave brain thought that if She created this piece of brainwashing art i should listen together with the whole series. i am not gay and never felt any attraction to the sissy fantasy, but after this file my dreams started to receive messages of cum swallowing, ass fucking and cock sucking. i am still not into this but unconsciously Princess Shelle set the triggers and the stage for me to perform anything she wants anytime without resistance, and i love Her even more for this. No is a word that does not exist in my vocabulary towards Princess Shelle.
Monday, 28 January 2013
Brainwashed brainwashed i want, need to be brainwashed more and more… i need, crave, love Princess Shelle, need Her voice, want to be controlled by Her totally. But this is sure a turn of events, i didn’t expect to be turned into a sissi by Her. If She want to completely emasculate me She is surely succeeding. If there was any alpha male residue left inside me She effectively purged it out of me. i give in to whatever She wants. Princess Shelle is my Domina, i love and obey Her…
Monday, 28 January 2013
i am always a follower to my Domina, and it's nearly impossible to escape a file, She always have the power to change, for those curious slaves, you should get it
Sunday, 27 January 2013
Princess Shelle has me completely brainwashed. This proves it. Resistence is futile, pointless, misguided and irrelevant. If Princess will have me be Her sissy pet, Princess' sissy pet i will be. Following Domina's brainwashing program has me craving, serving, dreaming, worshipping, chaste, obsessed like never before... and now in stockings and pink panties. Whatever next indeed?
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