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Feel My stockings against your face as you stroke...

I have addicted you to My nylon covered legs.  Now you want to feel My stockings...I mean feel them against your face as you stroke, just breathing in My intoxicating scent.  Stroking endlessly, over and over to the can almost hear My voice inside your mind, as I say GIVE IN, do it, accept your addiction.  Feel so good to be under My control, doesn't it?  Nothing stopping you now...not even yourself. ~~~GIGGLES~~~All you have to do is choose THIGH HIGH STOCKING or PANTYHOSE.

Includes 3 NEVER before seen stocking pictures.

For extra WORN pantyhose contact Me for details.

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Monday, 23 January 2017
Holding her worn silky pantyhose in my hands and smelling them makes me feel so close to Princess. The scent is so sexy and addictive, I crave her feet even more now...
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