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Chains of Steel | Shelle RiversChains of Steel | Shelle Rivers

Chains of Steel


Product SKU: Chains of Steel

An EROTIC masterpiece that transports you into HYPNOTIC bliss...

Chains of Steel (30 min Audio, 13 min Audio LOOP and 9 min FULL HD Video)

Includes 3 sessions: A full audio Erotic Hypnosis/Brainwashing/Mind control session---a BRAINWASH loop session and a FULL HD Video BRAINWASHING LOOP.

Have you ever wondered why you crave My hypnotic control, pondered why you feel an insatiable desire to surrender to My voice, or questioned why the mere thought of Me triggers a lingering arousal?

Well, My baby, the TRUTH is I've brainwashed you to be this way.  you are bound in mental bondage and your enthralled mind is now hopelessly addicted and obsessed with Me.  This is no idle claim, My pet, it is simply a matter of fact — I've meticulously enslaved the submissive you and you're forever primed to do My bidding. (giggles)

you know it's true and I only gave you what you wanted!  All it took were My whispered words, mesmerizing trances, and your open suggestible mind for Me to penetrate your subconscious, subvert your defenses, and indoctrinate your will to place Me at the center of your world.

Now you're a prisoner of your ever growing love for Me, locked in My world of hypnotic submission...forever bound to Me with no hope of escape.  But the TRUE beauty of your predicament is you don't want to escape, you don't even want to be free, you just crave submitting to My divine will, the Goddess of your dreams and fantasies.

And why?  Because the sound of My voice is more addictive than any drug and you believe the power and authority I have over you is REAL, ABSOLUTE and IRREVERSIBLE.  Like Chains of Steel that bind you tightly, you are forever dependent on Me for all your erotic guidance, inner peace and submissive bliss.

In this session I will reveal to you the full extent of your weakness for Me and the awesome power I have to imbue your life with both passion and purpose to serve Me.  The only path forward is to embrace your feelings of adoration and subservience to Me, and learn to devote yourself to a future focused on My happiness and O/our mutual well being...

WARNING:  With repeated listens, the suggestions and ideas promoted in this session will have a profound emotional impact on your submissive self, resulting in an ever increasing preoccupation with Domina Shelle.  This will trigger extended periods of horniness and arousal which may, over time, be life changing. (wink)

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Friday, 05 March 2021
This is One of the first files i listened to in my Journey with Domina Shelle. Being wrapped up in Domina Shelle’s Voice and control so tightly that serving becomes my life’s purpose is ecstasy. Paired with a video and a looping session is just amazing. The amount of work She puts in to make masterpiece after masterpiece will always blow my mind... or should i say Her mind because i am Her property ...giggles!! Definitely a favorite. i will always belong to Domina Shelle!
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Bound to Princess once again, i wonder how many different bounds i have on me by now, but if it´s for Princess there never can be enough :D
Tuesday, 21 April 2020
That was a hot video! And the hypnosis file was sexy too. Loved the helpless feeling what i was getting when i bound and unable to move.
Thursday, 09 April 2020
Best induction ever! Domina and i started in the same place. i kept hoping for a twirl, but her 'route' was better. The video has a sequence right out of the James Bond opening. Domina would be the ultimate 'Bond Girl.' Ultimate, because it is James who would be bound.
Thursday, 09 April 2020
I am enthralled with this masterpiece as it combines both Shelle's voice and visual stimulation. I feel bound to Her!
Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Chains of Steel This is such a Powerful combination of voice files and video files that who knows exactly how to use Her soft sweet voice and incredible sexy figure to seduce Her prey. These chains of steel are not a figment of your imagination but are real bonds of hypnotic mind fuck. From the very start of this mind re-programming file, you will be hook and unable to escape Her. Your future destiny will be set in motion and She will make you Beg Her to “Bring it on”! The voice file is so soft, sweet and wet you will willingly wrap yourself up tight in Her steel chains until you just can't move, literally, and this is when She slips Herself deep into your mind and begins to fuck you!
Monday, 30 March 2020
I am bound by threads finer than silk, yet stronger than steel. This package of sessions is incredibly powerful while also being sensual and sexy. The fact that there are three ways to be consumed by this content is amazing and i want to thank Domina Shelle for Her generosity. Thank You for binding me Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 24 March 2020
Another absolutely AMAZING masterpiece!!! I am such a helpless and horny slave for my beautiful and infinitely powerful Dominatrix! Domina owns my everything and I just can't live without her! Every instance of my self-awareness belongs to Domina Shelle, I can't do anything without her... Domina's chains of steel are invincibly powerful and permanently locked around my mind and body trapping me in her seductive world forever... Every beautiful thing I see reminds me of her now more than ever before... Domina allows me to think, she is my thoughts... I NEED you, Domina! I must serve and worship you constantly... You make me feel SOOO good!!! I Crave YOU Domina, you make me soo happy! Please Do with me as you please, I simply can't resist... I love and serve you forever Domina!!! *heart* XOXO
Tuesday, 24 March 2020
My Sweet Domina reminds me of who She is and not only what She means to me, but what She demands of me. my absolute submission and surrender to Her loving control and domination over me. This is a powerful file that feeds my need to feel Dominas control over me. It's my addiction to have my Owner command my surrender to Her, Thank You Domina for this wonderful file. i always need this type of file. i need to feel Your control all the time
Tuesday, 24 March 2020
"NOW I AM A PRISONER OF MY EVER GROWING LOVE FOR DOMINA SHELLE, LOCKED IN HER WORLD OF HYPNOTIC SUBMISSION...FOREVER BOUND TO HER WITH NO HOPE OF ESCAPE--" Oh YES-- I'm so totally in love with the idea that the chains of my hypnotic submission are turned into chains of UNBREAKABLE steel, binding me to my adored Domina permanently. I close my eyes and listen and-- I can almost feel it-- The cool touch of steel, tightening around my body. No, I can't ever get enough of Domina's voice. Her sensually whispered words slipping into my open and suggestible mind triggering that lingering arousal that causes me to give in to the full extent of my weakness for her control. With the NEED and PASSION to to SERVE her and make her happy. NO DOUBT that this is my PURPOSE. I DO have an insatiable desire to SURRENDER to and fall DEEP into trance for Domina. Just as deep as with the mesmerizing trances induced by these 3 Sessions. I highly recommend to get these. The video is so very SEXY. Now-- Domina might have BRAINWASHED me to be this way-- but it's TRUE. This is what I always WANTED-- and I ENJOY the sensations and emotional feelings of what she is doing to me. I DON'T want to escape nor do I want to be free. All I crave is to SUBMIT to my Domina's divine will and to mindlessly do her bidding. I want to live inside the PRISON bars she placed around my enthralled mind---hopelessly ADDICTED and OBSESSED with her. And IF Domina would leave the cell door open-- I'd not just BEG her to stay.. I would let it shut and ACCEPT my new reality. YES-- That is what I dream of. To be permanently ENSLAVED to my Domina, with her being the center of my life-- that I would be unable to live without her. THANK YOU Domina for this masterpiece Session and even adding a Loop and Video to it.
Sunday, 22 March 2020
Wow! What a session and what a package. The session itself is of course a masterpiece of brainwashing and hypnotic enslavement. This session is affecting me strongly even by Domina's standards. I just love being bound forever in Domina's chains of steel. It's an amazing feeling to be Hers. On top of that a loop file for your enjoyment when you want something a little different. And a fantastic video added in as a bonus. I'm really enjoying Domina Shelle's video presence, seeing little clips of Her makes it so much more real for me. Thank You for another work of art Domina!
Saturday, 21 March 2020
Domina Shelle is my Everything... the Center of my existence and the Love of my life ... Always & Forever i belong to my beloved Owner, Domina Shelle. i submit and surrender to Her power and control complete. Right now those feelings seemed to be enhanced, but i can only speculate that it is through this session as Domina Shelle took me that deep that i did pass out and cannot remember the content consciously. Though i remember that the introduction of the file was very vivid and very arousing as She was using images of Her hot and perfect body to bring me down and turn me on at the same time. To strengthen Her suggestions She added not only a loop file to this session but also this hot & sexy video clip that is connecting the already implemented arousal for Her voice with the arousal for Her perfect and beautiful body.
Saturday, 21 March 2020
As I sit here wondering how life will be in the next weeks with Covid 19 I wonder if we will have to shelter in place. I wonder if we will be locked down and have to stay home. All of my comforts are there, It is of coarse my safe place. The same could be said for my psyche. Our minds are under attack from all angles every day. When we are at work, at home and the community our brains are being bombarded with information. It's information that has to be processed. Sometimes it is info that brings pleasure and sometimes it brings stress and or pain. Always there is the ability to take a deep breath, relax and just take a step back. For almost two years now I have used Domina Shelle that refuge, the place I step back into. Her soothing southern voice drips of sweetness and belies the absolute power she weilds with her words. Like a master smith she forges chains, small at first even delicate you could say. Her voice is so delicate it hides the wicked power she actually has at her disposal. With any good black smith time is on their side as they pound their metal, shape it and form it to their desire. The same is true with Domina Shelle. For almost two years she has had me in the forge of her will pounding with her hammer and shaping my brain. Every week it is back into the forge getting me hot, hot enough to be bent by the smith's hammer. Molding me to what she wants me to be. With every strike of the hammer her thoughts become my thoughts. with each and every blow I become weaker for her and I am strenghthened in her will. Like a master Forge Smith making a cutless she has honed my mine to a razor sharp focus. That focus is on what she wants from me. Each week she forges one more link in the chain. One more link that enslaves me to her will. Each week I come to her so she can add another link and every week I will return for another link to strengthen the bond she has created. Listen and obey.... No
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