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Chastity LOCKDOWN--Week 2 - RestraintChastity LOCKDOWN--Week 2 - Restraint

Chastity LOCKDOWN--Week 2 - Restraint


Product SKU: Chastity LOCKDOWN--Week 2 - Restraint

Managed Chastity LOCKDOWN - Restraint

Length: 24 minutes + Assignment
Category: Chastity LOCKDOWN--Hypnosis

Unzip your pants and OPEN your mind.  Feel the POWER of My HYPNOTIC Mental chastity.

Reach new depths of complete submission.  Feel My chastity control take you to a deeper state of AROUSAL.  To a place where your body is in a state of continued HORNINESS...driving you mad with need.  I love you near madness, this is when you are on your best behavior.  In this session I give you the power to understand that through your sacrifice and submission, your obedience TO ME becomes your true pleasure.

Remain chaste FOR ME, a little bit longer, longer than you've experienced before.  Just imagine how incredible it would feel to climax only when I give you explicit permission, a sensation so powerful and mind blowing that you will obsess about this experience, wanting only to surrender more and more to My wicked control.

Chastity RESTRAINT assignment INCLUDED.

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Sunday, 11 February 2018
This is where it's at. Domina Shelle knows exactly what drives Her slaves; the pleasure of obedience. You will obey. You will feel pleasure. But you will do and feel exactly what Domina Shelle wants.
Saturday, 10 February 2018
Our Domina leads us down into a meditation on chastity - what it is, what it represents, and how it c
Thursday, 08 February 2018
Wanting to be in Chastity for Domina Shelle is the absolute best thing!
Thursday, 08 February 2018
Feels good to be in Chastity program for Domina Shelle. The Best ever...
Sunday, 04 February 2018
This may be the deepest a file from Domina has brought me, especially after the first week of Lockdown.i had my doubts that i could make it the full path, but now i have no doubt. Its all for her, for Domina. And obedience is pleasure.
Saturday, 03 February 2018
Week 2 Starts the journey from you wanting to be chaste for Domina into you craving to be chaste for Her.
Saturday, 03 February 2018
Feel Good! I feel good after this session! Chastity can have many facets, motivations or aims. It can be played with in many different contexts. This file is a positive introduction and reinforcement of chastity itself. It is part of the “Lockdown” program but it can be listened to totally independent as it has no confusing links or references to other parts of the program. A trance suitable for beginning a period of chastity as well as aftercare during hard times when too much tease and denial scratches on my sanity. Great piece of hypnosis – just makes me feel good!
Thursday, 01 February 2018
i think i never fell this deep this quickly, i didn´t even realized it happening, some colors, the Question of how often she said blue and i couldn´t even tell she did said blue, i already was floating in a different Space, hearing and understanding everyword she said, but at the sametime not, even after a few listenings now i still can´t figure out a way to describe this and not a single listening goes without me waking up way later where the File already ended for quiet some time, it´s an understatement to say that i am lost without her by now, but i love to depend on her anyway ^-^
Wednesday, 31 January 2018
I really like this file. It's a snap for DOmina to put me under and have Her way with me.
Tuesday, 30 January 2018
i love to be in chastity for My Domina. This file is such a tease making me crave to be able to cum. But no cummies for me.
Monday, 29 January 2018
It is no secret in week 2 it’s chastity. I never dreamed I could be in chastity but that is the Control our Domina has over us. This week has the most intense so far it’s going to be a bumpy and twisty path till Valentines Day. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love serving our Princess and sacrificing my pleasure for her.
Sunday, 28 January 2018
It´s no secret, this file is about chastity, but the way Domina convinced me to love chastity is quiet different. It´s tricky, but with this good-feeling session, the thought of staying in chastity feels good too. Even writing this, arouses me, that´s the proof, that this session works. For me, it´s the perfect hypnosis file. i can not predict the long-term effects, but i'm not convinced, that i´m able to make a free choice after the chastity weeks. Maybe Domina Shelle has manipulated me so far, that i gladly refuse to cum just to experience the pleasure of obedience and dependence.
Sunday, 28 January 2018
Week 2 and so it continues. Domina takes control again and guides my mind to the arousal of chastity. This session is combined with a new assignment however, creating a sensual cocktail of pleasure and longing. This next week isn't going to be easy, but boy is it going to be so intense and memorable.
Saturday, 27 January 2018
Domina Shelle has created a very potent session where She expertly plants a notion in the listen's mind about the evocative topic of open-ended chastity, Using Domina's unique and extremely effective style of hypnosis She leads the listener down into a surprisingly deep trance. If you are familiar with Domina's sessions, at this point you are probably expecting there to be indoctrination, brainwashing, thought manipulation and/or NLP! However, in this session none of these are prominent and it would appear our thoughtful and alluring Domina has a different strategy to teach us the many virtues and pleasures associated with open-ended chastity. I suspect a lot of listeners are going to be surprised in a few weeks, after Valentine's Day, how much chastity is still on their minds and, in part, it will be due to Domina's cleverly planted seed in this skillfully executed session.
Saturday, 27 January 2018
This file brought me so deep that it knocked me out on the first time listening. Now on the sec. So now what i remember is a big help in that ongoing marathon of chastity which i of course want to complete without any wet dreams or even accidents. i want to please my Domina the best i can.
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