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Chastity Penalty


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Pay your Chastity penalty...

If you fail when in chastity for your Domina Shelle, you pay your penalty here for redemption and forgiveness.

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Saturday, 28 September 2019
This morning i listened to "Proprietress Of Domination". i shamefully exploded while repeating the mantra of "i belong to Domina Shelle". i should be punished and i will remember this lesson!
Wednesday, 12 December 2018
i am so greatful for this Chastity Penalty because I failed my Princess. i would never intentionally release without Her permission, of course. When Princess Shelle gave me the gift of chastity she became the owner of my cock. No decent person uses something that belongs to someone else without their permission and this is no different. Princess Shelle graciously gives me permission to use What is now Her cock to increase Her control and my submission by stroking and edging but not cuming. To use my cock to release without permission would be theft and also a serious breach of the trust Princess Shelle has placed in me by allowing me tomstroke and edge. To willingly betray that trust would be ungrateful, abhorrent, and immoral. Princess knows I am a weak male who will stumble and fall many times through the long process of training me, perfecting me, and making me into a decent male. She knows I will frustrate and disappoint Her many times. She is so kind and patient with her slaves, and really cares about helping them to pick themselves up when they fail so they can keep trying. She is selfless. For that reason, i feel I should be punished when i fail Princess. She is less concerned with punishment than with encouraging me to try harder next time to be and do better, but recognizes my psychological need to be punished for my failure and disappointing Her, and so graciously provides this penalty to help me deal with those feelings. This is not so much a punishment, as a chance for me to express my gratitude that She has not given up on me. Thank you, Princess Shelle for giving me the chance to express how much i regret my failure, and for Your patience with me. You deserve so much more and i will try to do better.
Thursday, 23 February 2017
I failed. I had tried so hard to stay chaste for my Domina but a live session with Lady Helena pushed and pushed and took me over the edge. I pay this penalty as a sign of my devotion and remorse for my weakness. I will be stronger for Domina next time
Tuesday, 27 December 2016
I started to mantra for Domina on a regular basis and whilst kneeling, watching a slideshow of her pictures and listening to another mantra session on the headphones. The combination overwhelmed me and I was unable to remain chaste for the week. I pay this Chastity Penalty for my weakness and I will endeavor to maintain better self control for my Domina in future!
Thursday, 31 March 2016
i obeyed the "C" command as ordered and now am paying the price, gladly. HER control over me is deeper than i know.
Monday, 29 February 2016
i obviously failed somehow with the file Catastrophic Events but i don't even remember how. Deeply ashamed and with guilty feelings i pay this fine which i think is too low for such a crime of passion. Please forgive me Domina, i feel really bad about failing.
Tuesday, 10 November 2015
Yep, I failed. I admit it. After weeks in chastity I listened the file "Snapped" and it just happened. But it's good that even when I fail, Domina Shelle still benefits. :)
Friday, 06 November 2015
From time to time it happens that i release without the permission of my beloved Domina. As i am chastised i can only cum when She allows me to do so. The penalty is the minimum to achieve forgiveness from Her that i plead from Her anytime i cannot control myself (which happens nearly only in trance though and like the one today even without touching). Like anytime i will obey any punishment She will think of only with the hope that She will forgive me. Still though i love being in chastity for Her as any permitted orgasm that i am allowed to experience for Her feels like heaven.
Thursday, 13 August 2015
i didn't play a penalty for a long time now, but i want to Thank Domina Shelle for making this payment available to kind of relief the feeling of guilt which is really bad
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