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Chastity, allows Me to make REAL changes to your alpha male behavior—These files will eventually give Me complete control of your cock—and as you MUST know ALL male behavior stems from your “stem” tee hee.

If you want to be special to Me, you WILL spend the time in Chastity training—because to be a GOOD BOY, you need to give Me control of your cock, so that I can teach you better and faster how to become a good slave.

Start with the ORGASM CONTROL MP3's 1-2-3 which are a test of your ability to control yourself for up to a week.  No Man is able to last a week without practice, so you will need to repeat often!!  I will also declare Chastity weeks from time to time for all slaves, with rewards and punishments based on performance.

THE CHASTITY CHALLENGE MP3's are a fun way to test your newfound skills.  These can be used at any time, but will be most effective after the three Orgasm Control mp3's.

For more advanced slaves, who fully understand the power exchange that has taken place between U/us, it is time to make real time changes in your daily life.  THE CHASTITY BETA MALE MP3's will make you reflect on your relationships with all significant women in your life, and make REAL changes in your interaction with them.

Sometimes you WILL fail—and will need to listen to the CHASTITY PUNISHMENT MP3, to remind you of My power over you, and your place in MY life.

And for those that are completely hopeless and helpless—cum junkies--you will join those who need Me to completely take control of your cock and purchase the KEY HOLDER file.

ENJOY Shelle's newest Chastity Training.
If you have a need, a desire to release do it NOW.
I will tell you that I will TRAIN you to be a goodboy even while you are HORNY.  Oh and you will be HORNY!
I LOVE BLUE BALLS for My slaves...
***IF you fail, you will pay My Chastity Penalty***
My Chastity Slave who begs for time out for intercourse or stroking, caught between his new addiction to please Me through abstinence, and his real life need to satisfy his basic needs.
You may follow MY Chastity Training beginning with LOCTOBER - Week 1 (see below). 

Chastity Control - Part 3


Chastity Control - Part 2


Chastity Control - Part 1

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