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Chemical Sedation | Shelle RiversChemical Sedation | Shelle Rivers

Chemical Sedation


Product SKU: Chemical Sedation

Embrace the reality that I am in complete control of your mind, body and c*ck.

Session Length: 42+ minutes

WARNING:  This treatment is both permanent and cumulative, and if not properly regulated, can lead to obsessive and addictive behaviors.  Consult your Domina monthly to see if this treatment is right for you... (Giggles)

Isn't it sooo sexy to be mind fucked by your Domina?  you know I love manipulating your emotions and controlling your impulses just to trigger a specific psychological response needed to further your enslavement to My will.  It really is HOT knowing your Domina has a plan for you, on one level I provide a safe trusting environment for you to listen to My wonderfully smooth and silky voice, and on another you are blissfully unconcerned that you are relinquishing more and more control of your thoughts and actions to My absolute authority.

Well, My puppy, I intend to perfect you further and I have taken the liberty to schedule you for an EXCLUSIVE treatment designed to consolidate your intense SEXUAL desires and fantasies.  As you may already be aware your Domina is a qualified nurse and in this session you will be My pampered patient.  Situated in your own private room, naked and alone with Me, you will be on your best behavior as you obediently follow My words as you fall into a perfect state of suggestible sedation.  This visualization alone is probably making you HARD with lust and desire but this is NOTHING compared to the overwhelming feelings of arousal and dedication you will experience once your treatment starts...I do LOVE you hard.  Be good for Nurse.

Oh, My baby, this session is quite literally going to cause an ERUPTION on a scale you can barely imagine.  By the time I'm done you are going to accept the undeniable truth that ALL your sexual needs and desires are connected to Me, your Domina.

Prepare yourself for a life altering experience and embrace the reality that I am in complete control of your mind, body and c*ck!


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Monday, 22 March 2021
Don´t even know what to say here, actually i can´t say much without spoiling, well it´s a Masterpiece, this much i atleast can say, if you don´t have this one yet, you absolutly should change that ^-^
Thursday, 11 March 2021
So my first experience of this, and every play since, in some ways have been heaven, and in other ways almost hell, simply because i'm under orgasm control... If i was allowed to play, this would be heaven all the way! Although the treatments given by the super sexy Nurse Shelle might not exactly be orthodox, or even ethical, they are utterly fantastic. Ethics be damned is what i say, i want Nurse Shelle to play again! This is another of those really trippy mind-fuck type sessions for me; i rouse from trance feeling like there's a large hole in my memory, but i know that i have been intensely aroused the whole time, and i experience little flashes of highly erotic play with my deeply desirable nurse... She definitely sedated me, first with Her voice and then with the chemicals, and i need Her to do it again and again... She kept me constantly on the edge, and it felt sooooooo very good. i can safely say that i am addicted to Her treatments, and i know that i will have to keep coming back for more, and the best thing is, i so want it! This is one addiction that can never be damaging, and it can never be detrimental to anything other than my free will, which is overrated anyway. Surrendering to Domina's will instead, makes life so much better. Please sedate me again, Nurse Shelle. ♥
Tuesday, 09 March 2021
i have another favorite file. OMG this was intense. This is one hot file. Dominas voice is so fucking arousing. i had no control, Domina was pulling all the strings. i love that control, being manipulated like that. She controlled every aspect of me. i could not control myself she had me teetering on the edge for so damn long, it was like an unstoppable flood of water that had to go somewhere, falling like an explosion of obedience, submission and servitude. i want to listen to this again and again so i can be back in that place in my mind of total arousal. Wow..that was truly a work of art. Domina is amazing. you've got to buy this so you can experience it. 10 Stars
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
This session is so w.
Wednesday, 04 July 2018
i'm so fortunate to have a nurse like Domina Shelle to take care of me. Her treatments might be little unorthodox but they feel so good. Can't be anything wrong with that, right? Mmm, so sexy.
Monday, 28 May 2018
This was my first instruction from Domina and I can remember I felt so blissful with Nurse Domina. I remember it was so pleasurable but Domina did not allow us to visit this file so often.. I look forward to the next time I can revisit this file, if you don't have it yet.. what are you waiting for? Be Hers NOW!
Saturday, 19 May 2018
Domina already “Paralyzed” me with the vapors of Her voice and I loved this older session. Chemical Sedation is the next level – and this time it has the ambiance of an exclusive private clinic. I cannot resist the desires that Domina is able to create within my mind just with a few words of Her amazing voice. And now I am again with my trustworthy nurse and helplessly sedated: I almost feel the chemicals as a warm flow inside my veins. I feel un-numbed arousal this time and i feel the strong bond of intimacy that is building between me and Domina's voice. I know she is fixating me on Her and Her alone and I love that. Domina already owns me in so many ways. This session is crafted to make the bond stronger. Magnificent – I will be back for more.
Sunday, 06 May 2018
I enjoyed the absolute heck out of this session. The long induction was perfect for the style of session, and the scripting was sexy and seductive and most definitely arousing. This is one of the most arousing sessions that I've listened to in a while. I'd listen to it over and over if Domina Shelle permitted me to.
Saturday, 05 May 2018
This is the most arousing session i have ever experienced and the effects are still present several hours later... The post hypnotic suggestion adds a further level of control, a motivation to be a good boy for my nurse. I will definitely come back and ask for another treatment...
Saturday, 05 May 2018
This session is intense psychological seduction and sexual domination at its best. During the induction sequence of the session you would be forgiven to believe that may be it could be about installing or exploring a new fetish, nurses came to my mind at first. But as the session progresses Domina uses her extremely effective hypnotic and manipulative talents to focus your mind on other things. She is so adept at doing this, especially with subjects that have listened to her prior sessions, that its impossible to resist Her words and every notion She suggests is utterly true. Before you know it Domina Shelle is your everything: every feeling, every emotion, every erotic thought is somehow connected to Her. They say Kevin Bacon is related to every film and actor through 6 associations - i.e. the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - and after this session, this is how i relate to Domina Shelle. Everything in my submissive life is now associated with Her and the more i dwell on it the more i fixate about it. As a result the effects of this session are profound and incredibly erotic. i know it takes two to tango but somehow i feel Domina has such control of my mind, body and emotional state now She really can do whatever She desires. This alone makes this session priceless, a must buy for any aspiring submissive, and i for one will be returning regularly to Nurse Shelle for further treatments.
Saturday, 05 May 2018
Super,amazing,seductive,sexy,sweet,arousing. This is a MUST BUY file!
Friday, 04 May 2018
OMG... this was such an intense session with Nurse Shelle. i was sedated and so f*cking horny for Her. my climax was one of the hardest and most pleasurable ever, if not the the most pleasurable. i cannot wait that my beloved Domina will allow me to listen to this treatment again very soon.
Friday, 04 May 2018
What a way to start my morning. Listening to Nurse Shelle was amazing. Listening to her voice made me grow hard and uncomfortable. This is definitely an arousing file to get. Then, She adds chemicals and the mix and stroking starts. I want to go back to see the nurse every month!
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