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Comatose | Shelle RiversComatose | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Comatose

Intense, compulsory counseling. Experience guided hands-free masturbation - Mind Orgasm

Session: 57 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control-Erotic Hypnosis
Sample: LINK

It is compulsory for you to participate in this counseling which will synchronize your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and your body so that every aspect of your being is aligned in complete obedience to Me.

At the the conclusion of this series of intense sessions you will be perfected for Me in every way possible, and you will be ready to be considered for My Farm.

This is the first file in the series...setting the stage for your treatments.  you will find that you will experience some amnesia, this is normal and expected.  It is ok, I will remember all that you need to know.

you will obey Me and participate in this process.....because I have decided that you need counseling.  Shelle always knows what you need.

So save your pennies to buy this file, you need it because I TELL you you need it.

Guided hands free masturbation (Mind Orgasm---an amazing experience)----Dr Shelle will even allow you to release as you listen---only when She's ready.

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Tuesday, 23 March 2021
Fuck me. This file was just amazing. i was so deep in trance i drooled. i just wish i could remember what the heck happened. i need to listen to this again. It was an incredible ride deep down into my mind. i love visiting Dr Shelle.
Wednesday, 09 September 2020
Shelle’s special deals are a triple treat. First, they give us another way to support our Domina, multiplying the benefit of her earlier work. Second, we get the chance to enjoy titles we may have missed, at half price. Most importantly, however, Domina takes the opportunity to focus us on current lessons by her choice of earlier offerings. i always take Domina’s special deals as a command to revisit those sessions i already have - and reabsorb her programming. Comatose holds a special place in my library of Shelle’s work. It was our first meeting, way back in 2013. Her voice took immediate hold. Her message of trust locked permanently into my mind without my even recognizing it. In 2013, i was auditioning various hypnodommes, looking to replace a voice i missed, that of the original, Janet Macy. Shelle was and is a wonderful choice. Hmmm… Choice? Thank you Domina for pointing me back to the beginning.
Saturday, 13 August 2016
How had i missed this. Just wow! i recommend Dr. Shelle's therapy sessions. Made me feel amazing. Need to see Her again.
Monday, 08 August 2016
Absolutely love this file, listened to it for the past three or four days, can't remember which. Either way i love Dr. Shelle's therapy, and will definitely keep going back for more. This is a must own for any slave of Princess Shelle's. i feel so much better after listening to this, and i may even start listening to this every night before bed.
Friday, 21 August 2015
I don't care if Dr. Shelle is pushing ethical boundaries. I love her voice. She takes me down and turns me on and gives me an incredible erotic experience.
Thursday, 09 July 2015
In this session, the very sexy Dr. Shelle uses Her special therapy techniques on you, the lucky patient. A chance to submit to Her in a deep comatose state while She reprograms you for the better. As if that wasn't enough, She will even let you experience a hands-free orgasm... She's so generous. With all that and Her sexy nylon-covered legs, this one is a must listen!
Wednesday, 09 July 2014
This was amazing... the first times i listened to Dr. Shelles therapy sessions i couldn't remember much of it. But there was the strengthened need of serving my Domina. Now after a couple of sessions a got a flashback of the things Dr. Shelle did with me while i was in deep comatosis state during the therapy session. In the end i am absolutely happy that Shelle owns me and i will obey and serve HER forever.
Tuesday, 01 April 2014
This is absolutely one of those files you need to have. It’s a top tier session that is extremely powerful and intense even for Her standards. It’s also the first file I’ve ever had the hands free mind orgasm actually work, something I had given up on before but it turns out all I needed was Dr. Shelle. It’s impossible to come away from this not feeling incredible, like She sparked every pleasure receptor in your body. All this wouldn’t achievable if the trance itself wasn’t the deepest I think I’ve ever gone. Comatose is the perfect word for it, and it’s heavenly. This is some therapy everyone needs.
Tuesday, 15 October 2013
You don't even know how much you need Dr. Shelle's therapy until after she has taken you deep into a comatose sleep and reprogrammed your body and mind. Then it all makes sense. Dr. Shelle will teach you how to think correctly, and it is such a pleasurable experience. You will become overwhelmed with feelings of love and adoration for your therapist, and you might even begin to wonder what on Earth was I doing with my life before I met her?
Thursday, 11 July 2013
After listening 6 times( i think), i feel i am somewhat able to write a review. Maybe i can't give it justice because the details are fuzzy, but that is an indicator in itself i how powerful this file is. I always felt skeptical of anything related to a hands free orgasm. But now i am a believer. i think i truly was in a comatose state... And I am sure i experienced a very intense orgasm within my mind. It was an explosion of love and pleasure an it was a gift from Shelle that i will treasure. Just another reason why i am Hers now. i do not fear being in a coma now. i know how beautiful and exciting it is.....
Wednesday, 03 July 2013
I seem to mix up this file with No Recall, maybe because of growing amnesia? I don't even remember now which I heard first, and I don't know which fantasy was introduced in which one. Was this the doctor or the red dress or both? The three-stage concept is powerful, especially since the last one is Shelle's own design. I have listened to this file with varying effect, so I'm not sure now if I'm simply confusing files, but the cumulative effect at least seems to end as Shelle intends. Maybe She intends that I can't spoil the story if I can't remember it. I often start to remember details as the file begins. I'm pretty sure that I remembered all of it the first time I listened. Remembering makes me sit there analyzing while I should be relaxing and following. A file often ends with me remembering that feeling of over-awareness and my own critique. It has been a bizarre experience that my memory of some files now ends there, with some details literally fading away as I test myself upon awakening. This is one test I enjoy failing, and it is easy to stop even trying to remember.
Saturday, 29 June 2013
This is a real mistery for me since i could never stay conscious during this file no matter how much consciousness i have tried to put to recall the induction and commands i could not keep myself together. After a few minutes i always entered in an altered consciousness state, and everything Princesse wanted to installed was installed in my mind. Comatose left me scared to become useless to Princess Shelle, i became so into pleasing and amusing her, following anything She said that i was in desperation always fearing that She could discard me and i would have to live the rest of my miserable like without her enslaving me. Happily i am loyal to Her heels and will and i still have a place under Princess Shelle heels licking the floor she walks on.
Friday, 21 June 2013
Doctor Shelle is helping me with my sleep problem. I don't remember very much about my time on her couch. I do know though that she has beautiful nylon covered legs, and that I always wake up feel so horny. She is so nice and sweet to me. I do feel a strong urge to keep going back for more treatment, and the effects get stronger every time. I don't really mind whether she helps me with my problem. I just love being treated by her.
Saturday, 15 June 2013
Awesome! I went from being a disbeliever to now wanting to give in more and more. So many files to explore and too little time. Thank you Princess Shelle for knowing what we want and need!
Tuesday, 21 May 2013
Ohh boy.. after days of listening i still don't know anything it seems.. only it takes me so incredible deep, this knocks me out completely. This one is INTENSE for sure. In the end all i know that it feels so Intense good to relinquish all control to Princess Shelle.
Monday, 20 May 2013
one of the deepest trances i ever experienced if not the deepest, all what i can remember that i was tingly i was paralyzed i think, i was so weak, and i became more submissive, i want t listen again! if anybody didn't try being hypnotized by Princess Shelle is not really hypnotized
Monday, 20 May 2013
Taken too deep to recall, but awaking knowing that i will obey Princess Shelle forever, i need to be completely under Her control. Total submission to Her forever is what feels right. Listening again it is clearer and clearer, and feels better and better. This file has amaing effects. Princess Shelle is fabulous.
Saturday, 18 May 2013
I remember lying down on Doctor Shelle's couch and i remember coming to awareness feeling fantastic. Upon waking there a are a few things that i know; that i MUST listen again and that i feel more deeply submissive and more deeply under Domina Shelle's control than ever. the mystery may reveal itself with subsequent listens, but that's ok because subsequent listens will deepen Her control.
Saturday, 18 May 2013
We are very lucky. When I say "WE" I mean those who have the chance to know Princess Shelle. Because, she knows better than us what it is good for us. We do not need to think, but let Domina do the thinking for us. This is what it all about. She describes this file as a realignment of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. And she realign the mind with a therapy that she onlt knows the secret. What the therapy is ? I don't know. I don't remember. She told me it is normal. What I do remember is that I feel wonderfully good. Free of thought, free of desire to take charge. With a wonderful release. This is the file to buy. And if it is the first of a series like she says, I think it is the beginning of a complet mind adjustement (or a mind fuck).
Saturday, 18 May 2013
I don't remember much of the file, as I was deep through most of it. But, I do know that I want to listen to it again, and again, etc. Doctor Shelle definitely has a therapy to cure insomnia, and I will obey HER instructions, serve HER forever!
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