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Conscious Take-Over | Shelle RiversConscious Take-Over | Shelle Rivers

Conscious Take-Over


Product SKU: Conscious Take-Over

My honey sweet words seduce and impregnate your helpless mind, leaving you defenseless...

Session Length: 49+ minutes

Imagine kneeling naked, collared, hard, and kissing My succulent stiletto covered toes.  All the while knowing that the rest of your existence will be that of a slave.  Conscious Take-Over is a seductive female domination, hypnotic session designed to install and strengthen a level of power exchange you have only fantasized about.  Although, beware, My pet, once these suggestions are absorbed there will be no return.

Using a classic hypnosis induction, I will bring you deep into My world of erotic domination and submission.  These 49 minutes of psychological conditioning will have you just where I want you to be.  The countdown induction followed by various deepeners will prepare you as My sweet southern voice takes full control.  As My honey sweet words seduce and impregnate your helpless mind, leaving you defenseless to My whims and desires.  My pet, don't be deceived by My sweet nectar as it encapsulates hardcore hypnotic enslavement commands.

I will take you past the point of no return and give you the gift of pure submission.  Accept My will and give into your Domina’s whims and desires, listen to this powerful session.

Note:  Although not required, to achieve the ultimate experience and full power of Conscious Take-Over, you should have fully absorbed and accepted the post hypnotic trigger from Zero Control.

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Saturday, 08 August 2020
Every time i think i have found my favourite session, Domina creates another one that takes its place. She knows the inner workings of my mind, She sees into my very soul, She is my reason to exist, the smile on my face, the spring in my step. Domina is everything and this file shows why. Stick your earbuds in and let Her voice take you to heaven and back. Bliss, ecstasy, joy, love, pleasure – in a word Domina.
Monday, 27 July 2020
Wow i have another favorite. Like so many others have written all i remember is starting to walk down some stairs with my Domina. i woke some 40 minutes after the end of the file to a puddle....something happened. Domina had to say something, right? Something that made it erotic and sensual. i have got to listen to this again. my mind feels so owned after this. i love my Domina Shelle.
Monday, 27 July 2020
i don't really remember what happened whike listening to this file, but all I do know is that it felt really good, and thst Domina has an eveb tighter grip on my mind now
Saturday, 02 May 2020
Dominas voice keeps getting sexier and more powerful with each file. Domina drops me so easily and blissfully in this file, and fills my empty mind with beautiful feelings of submission and obsession for Her
Friday, 01 May 2020
A hypno-domme experience for the ages, Domina Shelle is a master hypnotist. Her years of hypnotic enslavement experience is demonstrated in this powerful sub verse experience.
Tuesday, 28 April 2020
Ive been involved with Domina for a long time and have listened to many many files. This session is brilliant. It took me deeper than I have ever been and left me utterly consumed with everything my Domina. She is peerless as far as I'm concerned in regards to hypnotic skills and her post hypnotic suggestions. The file is amazing. It makes me want to go back and listen to previous files as it helps in recontextualizing them and making them more effective. Its all ive thought about. And all I want to do is please my owner because shes amazing and shes worth it. Thank you Domina!
Monday, 27 April 2020
After several listenings i still cannot remember much of the file ... the last thing i remember is that Domina Shelle and i did walk down the steps of a staircase. It does not bother me as i trust my beloved Domina completely and let Her brainwash my mind in any way She finds useful. Now i awoke relaxed and happy with this wonderful memory of the two of U/us walking hand in hand deeper and deeper down the steps of the staircase.
Sunday, 26 April 2020
Take Over is the hypnotic equivalent of a velvet glove hiding an iron fist. It is relaxing and seductive and you might not realise just how effectively it enslaves you until months after your first listen. It's beautiful.
Sunday, 26 April 2020
It's always such a wonderful treat listening to Domina's sweet southern voice take over completely... This time Dominas take over feels so particularly powerful and intimate... All of Domina's files are like links in the chain of enslavement she has so intimately wrapped around my submissive mind... This particular link is SOO powerful and effective... My mind belongs to Domina Shelle now and forever... I must Obey Domina Shelle... Thank you Domina!!!
Sunday, 26 April 2020
I downloaded this sequel to Zero Control because I had to have it. As soon as I saw it was available I ordered it without a thought. And I'm so happy that I did. Domina seems to know just what I want before I even know what I want.
Sunday, 26 April 2020
When i used to listen to others i’d sometimes find those long traditional inductions somewhat tedious. However that’s not the case here and there’s nothing tedious about Domina and Her soft, sweet, sensual voice and enticing words. In this session i remember holding hands with Domina while walking down some stairs…and the next thing i recall is awakening at the end. Seems to happen a lot these days, don’t know if my mind has become so deeply conditioned or that She has gotten so darn good at what She does, probably both. After repeated listens my conscious mind can now recall the gist of this session. Domina holds nothing back here, Her voice and soft background whispers drilling into your subconscious mind your new reality and the reality of your relationship with Her…that you are being brought increasingly more and more under Her control, that you crave to serve and please Her…and that She has become such an important and permanent part of your life. And i embrace this reality because of a loving Trust in Domina who is a strong yet caring, beautiful Woman Who is always with you, Who now lives my mind.
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