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Core Loops - Sissy | Shelle RiversCore Loops - Sissy | Shelle Rivers

Core Loops - Sissy


Product SKU: Core Loops - Sissy

Core Sissy loops

Includes FREE additional loop download...

My sissy slave, these LOOPS will simply reinforce your submission to your Domina. My voice will train your mind so easily...slipping in deeper and deeper with each listen.  Be AWARE, there are subliminal messages hidden within...layers of Mind Fucking effects used as a camouflage.  you will love My sissy training.  Perfect for anytime LISTENING.  Including bedtime, work time, exercise time...or just relax TIME!

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019
i love to listen to loop files of Domina... having special sissy ones is so overwhelming and useful to become a better sissy for Domina Shelle
Saturday, 16 February 2019
I've wanted some sissy brainwashing loops for so long. These make me so happy, I hope there's more of this in the future <3 .
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