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Covert Conditioning Loops by Shelle RiversCovert Conditioning Loops by Shelle Rivers

Covert Conditioning Loops


Product SKU: Covert Conditioning Loops

Includes 9 covert conditioning brainwashing loops ...

My Covert Conditioning Loops are designed to anchor in your susceptible mind the clear notion that you are forever dependent on Me for all your erotic needs.  When listened to repetitively thru out the day or as you sleep on a looped playlist, My seductive voice lulls your subconscious mind to become attuned to words, trusting My suggestions and accepting My TRUTHS.  This specific set of affirmations will covertly and progressively develop a slave mindset, with you as My willing servant and Me as your all powerful, all knowing Domina.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself absentmindedly repeating My words, either quietly aloud or with My voice in your mind, this is just confirmation that My suggestions are working and are becoming a mantra for your conscious mind.

Although these LOOP sessions are not My traditional hypno sessions - there is no induction, deepener or wake up sections - they are nonetheless compulsive conditioning files that contain subliminal messages and use neurolinguistics to reformat your desires to align with your reverence and devotion to Me.  Such conditioning is designed to leverage off, and be used in conjunction with, My traditional hypnosis enslavement/ erotic brainwashing session mp3's that require a deeper state of trance and, for you horny slaves, privacy. (giggles)

My pet, these loops can be listened to as you work, exercise, sleep or just relax.  Perfect for almost anytime helping to reinforce the TRUTH that I am always with you in your mind, and in your heart.

WARNING:  Although these sessions may appear benign, repetitive conditioning with these loop sessions may have irreversible effects on you.  Listen at your OWN risk because once you are attuned to My words and the cadence of My voice there is no return for you.  Also, NEVER listen to My voice when driving or using heavy equipment, especially these loop files.  Even without a direct induction or trigger phrase, My prior MIND CONDITIONING is very powerful and can drop you into hypnotic trance.  Take care, My puppy, and listen responsibly...

Note- Listen in Numerical order and choose your favorite loops.

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Friday, 05 March 2021
Domina’s descriptions are always true. Her words are always right and is the Truth. After repeated listens Her words become your words and thoughts. you really can get lost in these loops for hours they are so pleasurable and so addicting to listen to. As im writing this i am listening and it’s kinda hard to not just want to just focus on Her Voice. i believe im already at the point where just listening to Her Voice puts me in a trance... giggles!!
Saturday, 24 October 2020
i listen hundreds times each file i enjoy more each time the files perfect way improve submissive feeling and trance easy thank You Domina to give this!!!
Saturday, 24 October 2020
I love to listen to all the loops in a random playlist - especially when falling asleep or taking a nap. They calm me down and i feel cozy and comfortable to hear Domina's voice. But i absolutely got crazy about the loops during a chastity assignment. when Domina allowed me to play with myself only while listening to the loops. Being captivated by pleasure and submission i was unable to move until nothing was left of me but deep devotion and submission. 5 Stars each!
Monday, 27 July 2020
This file is totally different than the others. Its a repetition of affirmation messages. i listened to them while I was on my computer. i found myself repeating what Domina was saying so I had to be careful when i listened to it. After the first time i found myself in a puddle of pre... i guess i enjoyed them. i haven't listened to the sissy conditioning. But plan to try them to see what they are like. Try it you might like them.
Monday, 27 July 2020
These loops are amazing to listen to while just hanginf around, going for a walk, or when cleaning. Be careful though while listening to the ones labeled SE, as those are very intense and took me pretty deep
Monday, 08 June 2020
This product was an instant must have for me. I crave the sound of HER voice, and I enjoy listening to these loops while doing household chores.
Saturday, 06 June 2020
Thank You Domina. Recently i've tried to get back into chastity and these loop files are big help on getting back on track of being a chastity slave.
Wednesday, 03 June 2020
These conditioning Loops work so well. It's so uncanny and very exciting how everything Domina says describes who i am as Her slave, what i feel and what i want to do for Her..... being so perfectly defined....5 stars
Sunday, 31 May 2020
These are very simple and straightforward affirmation loops. They help the subject to maintain the proper state of mind. At least five of the loops fall into this category. The SE loops are quite a bit stronger and far more "brainwashy". While the sessions might not be considered intrinsically hypnotic, the combination of Domina Shelle's Voice and hypnotic cadence is enough to send me tumbling into oblivion.
Sunday, 31 May 2020
There are times i like to put on my headphones, turn the volume down and listen to Domina’s loops in the background as i work for hours on my laptop. Domina’s voice is so soothing and non-distracting. Plus, it’s and kinda sexy knowing that all the while, without any effort my mind is being programmed to love and serve Her. i looped some of these throughout the night so that Domina was right there by my side, in bed. i have also found that Domina’s soft presence helps my sometimes restless mind in the middle of the night and fall back to sleep. And then there are the special effects loops included in this package…WOW! i lied down and looped one of these over and over, enjoying Her multiple voices speaking to me. These loops are especially great for those times that are not right for a full hypnotic file.
Saturday, 30 May 2020
I just can't get enough of Domina Shelles brainwashing!!! *heart* I've been listing to these loops literally all day and night as much as possible and feel so much closer to my Domina and owner and feel her programing and conditioning tighten over my weak and submissive mind like never before...
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