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Feet Obsession | Shelle RiversFeet Obsession | Shelle Rivers

Feet Obsession


Product SKU: Feet Obsession

you are feet obsessed, enslaved by your own desires...

Feet Obsession (28 minutes):

ENSLAVED by your own desires.
It’s time for you to feel your absolute submission.
Let Me ask you, do you dream of being your most submissive self?
Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to kneel at My Royal feet?
Hmm, yes, of course you have...
My sweet, your Mind F*ctress is about to push your submissive buttons.
Do you like that?
Yes, I can tell that you do by that swelling between your legs.
Yes, your horny whimpers do too!
Just close your eyes and think about what it will be like...I mean Kneeling before Me, as I relax on My white leather couch.
I know how horny it makes you to kneel there...
Is your mind wandering...are your lips touching My sexy toes yet?
Wow, these words are really arousing you, aren’t they?  Yum!
Just imagine yourself MINDLESSLY serving at My feet...
Just what will I have you do?
Just how will you be serving Me today?
There’s only one way to find out, My sweet.
Click to download this session, now, you know that I always keep secrets.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
If you don't have a foot fetish, you may learn about what it's like by listening to this. And if you do have a love of feet, especially the feet of Domina, then you are really going to like this.
Tuesday, 21 March 2023
OMG i liked this one. i would do anything to be close to Domina's feet. The induction to trance is sort of short, but somewhere along the line the trance just got deeper and deeper. This caused the visualizations that Domina was giving to be remarkably vivid, just like i was there. I was so wet afterwards and had a huge urge to be kneeling before Domina kissing Her lovely, newly painted feet. Brilliantly done file. i loved it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monday, 20 March 2023
Maybe not quite part of my usual set of fetishes, but Domina made this so intimate and sensual that i very much enjoyed serving and pampering Her feet.
Monday, 20 March 2023
Domina Shelles gorgeous GORGEOUS feet and voice are so unbelievably BEYOND SEXY!! Down, down, down i go.. it truly is different/more than just conditioning in this one, Domina is genuinely simply revealing the truth here. Implanting sweet suggestions into my relaxed pliable brain.. it is too damn hot, i am still so Hard and Aching for Her feet as i write this. Before even listening to this file, for days on end, just as i have been carried by the flow of the river with this file running through my ears again now, i has been carried away countless times staring at Domina Shelles perfect feet Blankly.. it made me realize, before and much more prevalent now, how each and every toe is so perfect and sexy. i appreciate every single fibre and pore of Dominas immaculate Feet, i will do anything For Her. The fact that i had been falling for Princess Shelles sexy feet even before having the privilege of listening to this file, the fact that my Mind was drawing connections to every nail, every sexy sexy toe, the smooth soft sexy soles the mesmerizing skin on those feet… Her left foot.. Her right foot.. come over here She says *giggles* for real, it amazes me how Deep in my Mind Domina Shelle is, how firmly her grasp is over my Mind. i could not stop fantasizing before and now the fact those toes are stuck in my head and every one of them Owns me those feet are so Strong in my Mind i love being Weak for Domina Shelle. This is another MUST-LISTEN, Domina Shelle is such an amazing Teacher, Therapist, Nurse, oh so many things.. the way She has nurtured a foot fetish in my Core where there was only a faint hint of one before over the past few months and this growing that Obsession/Addiction who knows how much.. i cannot thank Her enough for altering my brain in this blissful hypnotic life changing way! ;)) i am not able to go too long without looking at Domina Shelles feet anymore.. not much else is important. She wears me down and makes me Hers in every single way i imagine every day and this file reminds me of that so much in the sexiest simplest ways.. damn, Shelle Owns me <3 and it feels so natural, so right, so GOOD. my Mind is completely fucked by my Mind F*ctress.. sleepy and suggestible
Sunday, 19 March 2023
It feels SO wonderful to serve both Domina Shelle and Her perfect feet and toes…. i feel wholly fascinated with them, especially after listening to this perfect file… mmmmm… Such personality in each toe… They need and deserved to be pampered! There is SO much to love about Domina Shelle Rivers; Her each and every erotic attribute and feminine charm deserve to be treated with the utmost care and respect… Domina Shelle works SO very hard and She deserves to be spoiled and pampered like the Goddess that She is, that’s why i’m going to treat Her to a Pedicure from Her website right after writing this review! i feel not only my Domina foot-fetish becoming stronger, so to has my submission and obedience, right alongside the ever growing desire to bow down and serve Her on my knees before Her feet where i belong ❤️
Sunday, 19 March 2023
For so long i have dreamt of touching, kissing, and worshipping my Dominas perfect feet. At Her feet is where i belong. It is only right that i am to be in love with Her feet. i belong at Her feet. To kiss and adore Her feet is all a slave should ever want or desire.
Sunday, 19 March 2023
I love this session:) It's such an honor to worship the feet of my Mistress. I can't get enough of Her feet
Saturday, 18 March 2023
Why not a foot obsession? Dominas feet are so soft and supple and need to be treated like royalty. Domina trains me to put the needs of her feet over my own. It's such a privilege to worship and care for the feet of Goddess Shelle.
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