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Hands Free Orgasm Training - Session 4 | Shelle RiversHands Free Orgasm Training - Session 4 | Shelle Rivers

Hands Free Training - Session 4


Product SKU: Hands Free Training - Session 4

Shelle's HFO Training ... Session 4

Session: 24 minutes + loop file
Category: HANDS FREE-Mind Control-Brainwashing

HANDS-FREE Orgasm Training - Session 4

Another step closer to climax...

SEXY, MIND control that will lead you to your ultimate desires.  Taking your mind back to those young days of WET DREAMS!  Waking up in shivers, wishing to go back to never want it to end.  Orgasms so INTENSE...Do NOT miss this CLIMAX.

Slip on your headphones, unzip your pants and OBEY!

Comes with a FREE gift...a SUBLIMINAL/Binaural loop file.  Loop over and OVER again....loop for at least 10 minutes daily for 7 days.

Note:  This file is most effective if you have completed Hands Free Orgasm Training 1 through 3 combined with repeated listening.

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Wednesday, 08 June 2016
This is a Wonderful file!!! i wasn't successful in having a wet dream for Domina after my first listen - but i did spend the night drifting through wonderfully arousing, submissive, sexy, and at times even a bit embarassing fantasies of submission to Her! It's probably unintentional on Domina's part - but listening to this shortly after Thought Control has left me with an irresistible desire to Obey even the version of Her from my dreams. Whether Domina permits me to cum in my sleep for Her or not - i look forward to submitting to Her domination and can't wait to listen to this file again!!!
Monday, 02 May 2016
i am not even sure if i can Review this File probably now...The thing is my lovely Princess interrupted my listening to the Hands Free Series, cause she decided i would need more Chastity, what i of course obeyed to, so i ended up with Edge of Eruption and atleast 7 Days of Chastity, but right after i was done with listening to this one, she commanded me to go back to the Hands Free Series, that means i now listened to this 4 Part while beeing in Chastity and feel like reviewing this under this circumstances might not be the review it usualy would be, i am 100% sure that this works, infact i already had several Wetdreams because of her in the Past, the thing is by now i listened to this for 3 Days, today is Day 4 and so far i had no success, i always go to sleep horny as ***, each time it takes me a while to be able to sleep, each time i crave to have a Wetdream, but each morning i wake up, hard and horny without a Wetdream, i will not lie, it´s frustrating, i want this badly, but something don´t let´s me, since i did had Wetdreams earlier and know for sure that she easily can do it, i am pretty much 100% sure that it has to do with the Chastity and yeah by now i really wonder if this was her plan, cause oh my this is soo cruel, frustrating, but also sooo funny at the same time, i wonder how long i will be Stuck with this Part until it works and i can go on to the last part...Anyway this might be frustrating right now, but i do have the funny feeling that this just will make it feel even better if it does well as i am sure that she enjoys what she has done to me, i mean why else would she do it...and as much as this frustrates me right now, i also have to say that i enjoy doing this for her, i just hope i will not be stuck forever, cause i really would like to get to the last Part of the Hands Free Training
Sunday, 17 April 2016
Each file on this series is rapidly becoming a new favourite. While the ultimate purpose of the training remains c any day they choose. Dreams of Domina Shelle are a certainty for many of Her submissives, and this session will ensure that they are pleasurable.
Saturday, 16 April 2016
I never believed it possible to make me have a hands free, but if anyone can do it, our Domina can. I feel like I volcano waiting to erupt, or should I say explode. Dominas voice has become soft liquid sex to me. Nothing is as sexy as Her words. This is going to do me in hehe
Saturday, 16 April 2016
The more i listen to the loop file, the more i want to listen to it even more. And the main file, well i know it's messing with my head and other things, and i don't care, it's so good.
Friday, 15 April 2016
This file had some interesting side effects. i've never had a wet dream and it hadn't happen with this file either. But on those evenings when i had listened this file something odd happened at that moment when i was falling asleep. i started to get hard and aroused and that kept me from falling asleep right away. Also on those nights i've woken up couple of times during the night, because of my arousal.
Tuesday, 12 April 2016
She has more control of my sexlive then I have.Im in trance at night and goes to sleep and have wet dreams all night.Then its a new day and more hypnosis and another night and another...Love you Domina shelle.
Sunday, 10 April 2016
The fourth session of the hands free series will lead to further loss of control. i now crave this loss and the arousal that comes through this loss. i embrace every hands free orgasm which includes wet dreams... Those dreams that shocked me as a teenager, i do long for... i can't wait to go to bed to have hot sexual dreams of me and my Domina... and maybe a threesome with Lady Helena... giggles... though still all my fantasies of having sex are so submissive as i just want to give pleasure to my sexual partner.... anyway where was i? ... as i want to give every control to my Domina, including the control to make me cum, i can't wait for the final part of this series... and for my next wet dream... giggles
Saturday, 09 April 2016
Each recording has added further depth of trance and body control over my now weak mind. i want Domina in my head and love it when She enters. i look forward to going to sleep tonight and each night this week! lol somehow i know the loop file will be even more powerful. i did listen for about twelves minutes and fell into that deep trance state with words from Domina bouncing into my mind. i will listen to the loop 7 days in a row...OMGoddess...
Friday, 08 April 2016
i fell in a super deep trance then i slept and had a wet dream, my Domina knows what She's doing, those files are so powerful and the beats in the background are so nice, usually i don't remember much of the files now and it's the same here, i Love hypnosis and LOVE my Domina
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