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Helplessly Obedient | Shelle RiversHelplessly Obedient | Shelle Rivers

Helplessly Obedient


Product SKU: Helplessly Obedient

Relinquish all control to Me.

Helplessly Obedient (31 minutes)

My faithful servant, do you truly understand how powerless you would be in My physical presence, exposed, vulnerable and completely susceptible to all My hypnotic and seductive charms?

Well, in this TRAINING session, you are going to learn the full extent of your conditioning and why the REAL you identifies as My obedient submissive servant.  Dominance can be manifested in many forms but in the case of your Domina Shelle it is a combination My innate ability to enrapture any submissive subject and subjugate your will, leaving you compliant, suggestible, and willing to do anything I command.

Once pacified and focused on Me there is only one outcome... submission, obedience and ultimate pleasure.  Being Helpless to Obey is not a fantasy for you, it is your everyday reality.  The power I exert over you is both tangible and reflexive, from being HARD and HORNY at the mere thought of Me to a relentless compulsion to submit ever more to My absolute authority over you.

Yes, My willing servant, you are on the path to complete mental enslavement.  The more you accept your helplessness to My divine will, the more you can embrace your need to selflessly surrender to My power and authority.  So, lay back, get naked, and prepare to relinquish all control to Me as I take you another step closer to your future as My devoted servant.


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Sunday, 30 August 2020
This is a file that helps Domina to perfect me to serve Her better. It is deep trance, arousal, and clear proof of how much control She wields over me. Each listen to this file leaves less of a memory and more of a feeling as Domina's power drops me deeper and deeper. Once i start to listen to Her voice, i FEEL her power, it is less and less effort for more and more reward to just give in to Her words, i know i can trust Her, She always tells me the truth and She always knows what is best for me and it is a joy to be under Her control. i live to submit to Domina, i live to obey Domina, i love to be trained by Domina, this file helps make it my reality.
Thursday, 19 March 2020
Domina is right, as she ALWAYS is. Being helpless to obey is NOT a fantasy for me. It IS my everyday reality. I love what this Session does to me. It definitely is one of my favorites-- One I remember, that keeps popping up in my mind-- One that I want to listen to again and again. I can never resist when Domina Shelle's words slip into my open and suggestible mind and the next moment-- slip right off my own tongue.  It feels good to interactively but mindlessly repeat the truth and melt away, as I understand how powerless I AM and that this is the ONLY possible outcome. ACCEPTING my helplessness to HER WILL. Relinquishing ALL control to her just as it is good for me. By now-- I am properly trained in OBEDIENCE. HARD and HORNY and-- willing to do ANYTHING Domina commands. Obedience IS Pleasure. And I can't think of anything better than continuing on my path to complete mental enslavement and my future as Domina's loyally devoted servant. So SEXY.
Sunday, 23 February 2020
the file reinforces truth that we are graced to obey Domina and She is our destiny i not remember much of file but i know Domina only does whats best for me and i belong at her feet submissive and ready to serve
Saturday, 22 February 2020
After having been away for awhile, out of necessity, this session was pure joy. Assuming of course obedience is your pleasure... Thank you Domina.
Wednesday, 29 January 2020
Incredibly erotic file. Compelled to obey Domina Shelle completely. Incredibly powerful
Friday, 24 January 2020
Writing a review is hard when you don't remember much. I do remember the feelings though, and on those I give it a 10/10
Wednesday, 22 January 2020
This session is enjoyable, and the loop session is very nice to listen to over and over.
Tuesday, 21 January 2020
This session is relatively simple and aims to do precisely what it says on the description. Domina Shelle has control and the subject will obey. While this session calls back to early sessions by Domina Shelle the production values and the execution are 100% new. This one is a must listen.
Monday, 20 January 2020
As a slave whos always thought he was a good slave and thought he worked hard to please his Domina, This file reminded me that i fall short of being the best i can be for Domina Shelle and that i must always strive to be better than i am and never get in that comfort zone thinking i'm a good enough slave. Because i can never be good enough for Domina Shelle. I have to work harder and harder to be my best and please Domina. She's my reason for living and i have to serve Her as if my life depended on it. Because it does.
Sunday, 19 January 2020
These is ... still i did obey my beloved Domina as She commanded because She is my absolute authority and i always want to please and make Her happy, just as much as i want to be helplessly obedient for Her.
Sunday, 19 January 2020
Amazing. This is one of the most erotic files i've ever heard. Absolutely loved this. So hot! i must obey My Domina.
Sunday, 19 January 2020
This session demonstrates just how compulsive it is to obey and submit to Domina Shelle. As a submissive i am subconsciously conditioned to follow the orders of a Dominant and Domina Shelle uses Her sweet demeanour and erotic charms to distract the conscious mind as She programs the subconscious to submit further to Her will. This session is essentially training of our submissive selves to automatically obey Her commands with though and question. By having us repetitively repeat phrases while stroking She expertly distracts the conscious mind and indoctrinates the subconscious to believe whatever She says. It so well done that you finish the session wondering what exactly happened struggling to recall specific details beyond what She asked you to focus on. But deep down you know something more fundamental occurred and you are left with an assignment to further distract your conscious mind from the deep conditioning that just occurred. Personally I think this session is a masterpiece of coercive conditioning it is why i will forever be a devoted follower of Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 18 January 2020
This file typifies Domina Shelle. She is sweet and playfully wicked while also completely dominating, leaving no doubt whatsoever as to Who is in charge, Who is the Absolute Authority. Who would have thought that subjugating all control and power to another person would be so FUN. But then again, Domina Shell is not just another person. She is dominant but also young, beautiful, sweet, caring, and playful, unlike any other. And i just Love the special FX version that is so relaxing, drawing me so deeply into Her voice during the beginning of this session and setting me up for what is to come in the rest of this file.
Saturday, 18 January 2020
This is a 5 star file,or 6 star. Domina Shelle isn't playing around in this session. Not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend this for the serious submissive
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