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Hypnotized slave-Come To MeHypnotized slave-Come To Me

Hypnotized slave-Come To Me


Product SKU: Hypnotized slave-Come To Me

I am in control NOW. you will come to Me without question without thought.

Session Length: 33+ minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Mind Control-Brainwashing
Sample: LINK

I am in control NOW.  you will come to Me without question without thought.  you'll find yourself DEEPLY hypnotized as My voice breaks down ALL have NO choice but to give in to My sweet, sexy voice.  Feel My POWER.

Listen and come to ME

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Thursday, 27 April 2023
This file is conditioning me and brainwashing me and it’s doing so relentlessly. But the words are perfect, message after message that hits perfectly. Shelle's voice and timing and tone are perfect, too. She is persuasive, in such an exquisite way, convincing in a caring loving way without a hint of humiliation or condescension. I love it ???? ??
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
my Domina has done it again, once more She took me deeper under Her spell than i already was before listening. my love for Her has intensified to a level i cannot really describe. i trust Her so much i would do anything She asks me without thought and without question. i need Her so badly in my live to control the weak and mindless slave that i have become for Her. i love Her and i'm glad that i'm owned by Her always and forever.
Tuesday, 07 January 2014
Her voice... so soft, sweet, seductive and kind, there is no resistance against this. Getting so weak, so incredible weak with this one. Her gentle and seductive voice pulls me so deep down into submission that nothing matters anymore. There is no doubt, i do love Her and belong to Her.
Thursday, 05 December 2013
A really great file to reinforce Mistress Shelle control over you. Melting your resistance, loving her more and more until she has complete control !
Friday, 02 September 2011
For the most part I love all of Shelle's files for one reason or other. Not all of them are as effective on me as others. But for the most part they all are creative in their own way. In fact, There are certain styles of files that seem to work better than others. This file though is altogether different than what I've experienced from Her though. Because of that I've found that this file to be difficult at first. And has possibly tested my discipline the most out of every file.rnrnI'd categorize this file in the form of "Slave Training". Meaning that, this file is not for for first time listeners just looking to see what Shelle's style is like. The induction plays on that you are already conditioned to Her voice initially. And that is what takes you down deeper. Secondly, There are suggestions that bind you to Her and only Her. Now if you have the ability to ignore such a suggestion and stay under trance.. This isn't such a problem. rnrnNow either because I'm already conditioned to Shelle's voice or that I'm an easy subject. The induction took me down pretty quickly. In fact as I've said. It dropped me off a cliff while I was blindfolded. After listening the file repeatedly. I can honestly say that never have I ever felt so weak, open and receptive to any command before it. It seems sort of cliche for me to say that but, with every file that starts as brain entertainment and then which leads to conditioning I find myself getting pushed down another level of submission that I never knew was there. So all the new suggestions and new feelings seem to have an even larger more profound effect than the ones before.rnrnThis takes the suggestion of "my words are your thoughts" to another level. In fact this isn't just brainwashing, it's outright mind control. There is no story, there aren't any games here. You're just bombarded by suggestions and commands that will eventually get burned into your brain. This one is just completely unforgiving.
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