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Ice Queen | Shelle RiversIce Queen | Shelle Rivers

Ice Queen


Product SKU: Ice Queen

OBEY My very seductive ICY cold commands...

Length: 53 minutes
Category: Fin Dom-Mind Control

A deep, HYPNOTIC induction---into blankness and unawareness---A little NAUGHTY, ICY, and a bit BITCHY seduction that no man can resist.  She is after your MIND!

This session is edged toward Financial Domination----Created ONLY for those with this fetish.

She's cold as ice...but
you're willing to sacrifice
you take only Her advice
Someday you'll pay the price

It happens all the always give in to My love
You're closing the door...
you leave it all behind...enter this world of Mine.

I'm cold as ice...I must break you down....
Only I am worth the price.  I'm your ONLY vice.
Welcome to PARADISE-----

Is she really COLD as ICE---could your Domina be an--- Ice Queen? ***GIGGLES***

Or, is this another TRICK up Her sexy sleeve?

Does that sound a bit familiar!!!

Amazing Binaural effects--taking your MIND into deeper depths of hypnotic control.

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Thursday, 20 July 2023
How incredibly SEXY!!! i was simply craving this more intense and even scarier side… mmm… i’ve always felt so nice and cozy being completely enslaved to Domina for life and giving up ALL of my most sensitive and precious information to Her… Mmmm… Sessions like this remind me of just how at Dominas mercy i am… it’s SO incredibly sexy feeling this total loss of control and firm handling from our incredibly sexy, powerful, and amazing Domina!
Friday, 28 December 2018
OMG Mistress Shelle fuck up my mind. Destroy me completely. This file is hardcore and beautiful at the same time.
Tuesday, 02 June 2015
This is such an amazing file. I don't know how Domina keeps making better and better files. I was in such a deep deep trance, that I even had some mild hallucinations. And I have this desire, no its a need, a deep burning need to do what Domina told me to do in the file. This is just the most mind blowing file Domina has made to date, I think. It's amazing, just amazing.
Friday, 29 May 2015
Beautiful file long and teasing. Almost threatening. I had nice deep steady trance during the file and light one after file ended that continued some time. In the end of the file I was begging Domina to punish and destroy me.
Monday, 25 May 2015
Only Princess Shelle is able to let a thing that dangerous sound thrilling, hot and the right thing to do. Still quivering thinking about it.
Monday, 25 May 2015
I never thought how a cold hearted but seductive woman can be so sexy and erotic. The question I have in mind is she really that cold hearted and her warm and caring attitude an illusion. Or the coldeness of this file, only a trick to enslave. Her voice is warm and caring, but will pierce through your heart like a knife. You will cry, be in pain. You will suffer while you enter a path of destruction. But you will love her for this. Please Domina, I beg you, please destroy me.
Monday, 25 May 2015
Just one word really i don´t want to say much,well i also can´t say much, not because i don´t remember anythink, i do, atleast i think, but because i am not sure if what i think is what happened, it´s impossible for me to review this, i don´t want to give you any wrong ideas...i mean i don´t want to spoil anyone anyway, so all i will say is Princess is superior and you will see for yourself why, makes Sense? Just listen and you will understand, i would warn you that this File might be dangerous, but since i am not even sure about this, i can´t, all i know is that i had the time of my Life, that i got completly confused, that i had no control and well to not spoiler, let´s just say she opened my eyes and let me see how much control she has in two different ways
Monday, 25 May 2015
Super strong file, i woke up with only one thought in my mind and i couldn't think of anything else for about one hour, it was the shadow of me! just listen and fall, and enjoy one of the deepest trances ever
Saturday, 23 May 2015
Hmm seriously, this should cum with a warning, only buy and listen after listening to 21 of SHELLES recordings, its a third degree conditioning, after listening my mind hmm SHELLES mind want complete freedom?? Just another cozy hour shared with my MISTRESS, this will be fine , just fine.
Friday, 22 May 2015
my Domina showing Her more dominant icy self is a bit frightening but most erotic arousal. i want to be controlled -yes destroyed- by Her to be ready for Her to rebuild me the way i should be to be Her perfect mindless and obedient slave. i am to addicted to far under Her control that every step deeper under Her power is pure bliss. my Domina has made me weak and compliant for Her.
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