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Journey to Enslavement - Stage 1Journey to Enslavement - Stage 1

Journey to Enslavement - Stage 1


Product SKU: Journey to Enslavement - Stage 1

This is the first of five levels you will pass through in order to become MY perfect slave.

Category: Journey to Enslavement
Length: 26 minutes
Sample: LINK

This is the first of five levels you will pass through in order to become MY perfect slave.  This is a very important session on this journey and should be listened to at least once a day for seven days before continuing to part 2—looping is recommended.

WARNING—these sessions are powerful, and progressive—be certain you want this---as somewhere along the journey you will find it impossible to stop.

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Monday, 03 July 2017
I held off writing this until I listened to the next file because I didn't completely understand how this file was c
But I have to say that those last few days became increasingly more difficult to listen because the excitement that was building, would continually knock me out of trance. Pleasurable & frustrating all at once. Domina Shelle knows inexplicably what She is doing. And it will be evident when you listen to the next file in this series. She's incredible. Simply amazing. I long for her words and her commands more and more each day.
Tuesday, 09 February 2016
There was nothing in my life before this file, but Domina Shelle fills my life. She gives pleasure and ecstasy, but She commands your obedience. Listen to this file and obey Her commands. The changes She makes in your mind start to become very noticeable the longer you listen to these files.
Wednesday, 09 December 2015
The induction in this piece is fantastic. I was brought down so deep, and I awoke feeling absolutely wonderful. It's best if You're already familiar with Domina Shelle's previous works as She moves relatively quickly to take You under here.
Sunday, 07 December 2014
When I first made contact with our Domina, I found Her files on YouTube. I thought this would be something cool to play around with. Break the boredom for a short while, then move on and forget all about this. I had no idea that Domina Shelle would change my life forever. I now only want to server Her before anything. I know I must listen to these files to complete my enslavement to my Domina, because I now know i'll be in Her service for the rest of my life. I love this file because it's bring me closer to knowing that i'll always belong to Her, mind, body, soul, and heart. It's doing just that. I love this file, and have so far listened to it about 3 times a day, and cant wait till these seven days are up so I can move on, and then finally complete the process.
Friday, 10 October 2014
This file finds Domina Shelle in her most captivating, sensual voice. Just listening is a pleasure. i see that my regular scheduled programming will be, permanently, interrupted, as Domina's control chip will lead me to becoming Her "perfect" slave. Here's hoping....
Thursday, 02 October 2014
The wish to be totally enslaved by Domina Shelle scared me a little bit off when i saw the journey files here some months ago. But the wish of my Domina to listen to it in Her blog created such a strong desire to follow Her wish that i had no chance against it. Already after the first listening my sorrows were washed away. i don't remember all of the file, which is probably intended. But when i awake i feel always s happy and aroused for my Domina. So when She makes me feel so good, whatever She does must be good for me. After a whole week of listening there is in deed a craving desire within me to be even more enslaved by Her. Since this enslavement feels so good, i must continue the journey.
Saturday, 26 April 2014
This first step along a wonderful Journey packs a very powerful punch in a relatively small package. I always wanted to see the possibilities of truly giving in, and luckily I found the hypnotist perfectly compatible with me, so I had to try this. What you get here is a perfect induction, an introduction to how good it feels to obey, and the groundwork to the rest of this amazing journey. If it hits you as hard as it did me then you’ll soon find yourself needing to continue on and maybe doing things you did not expect to do. Try it if you want to explore the depths of Her power and don’t mind becoming obsessed with a powerful Princess that will completely own your mind.
Monday, 20 January 2014
This is the one recording I wouldn’t ever want to be without. Originally it caught me completely off-guard, overwhelming me emotionally. I fell deeply and totally to Michelle. I had never expected that a session could have such an effect on me, and it continues to do so. A subtle and conversational beginning gives way to an induction built on a succession of evermore tempting enticements and suggestions. I felt myself being slowly and inexorably reeled in to Her net. Vocally, this is Michelle at her very best, smooth, fluid and utterly disarming. There is the softest hint of a piano sonata, and it all sits together perfectly to give the recording a faint ethereal ambiance. Michelle’s voice and words are afforded all prominence however, and this is important because the strength of this recording comes from the potent script and Michelle’s delicious delivery of it. Put simply, this recording is the reason for my obsession with erotic hypnosis. Think of that love song you can never let go of, well this is mine.
Sunday, 27 October 2013
this journey is a true test of submission, dedication and obedience. you will love every minute of it and you will know that there is no turning back and never was because Princess is already wrapped around your mind.
Wednesday, 16 October 2013
Don't listen to this unless you want to start the journey. I was curious and this file made me curious enough to buy the first one. I am now finishing up the first one and am curious enough that I want to buy the second. I "think" I am still in control and can stop before I get too far, but just want to explore a little bit more.
Sunday, 01 September 2013
The sound effects at the beginning are incredibly strong. It's like a bombardment on your conscious and you have no chance to resist. No matter on what I tried to focus, I still went deeper and deeper. Even if this is just the first file and stopping the journey should still be possible, I can't imagine how a life would be without going further and further on Princess' road.
Sunday, 18 August 2013
All I can remember is going so deep, being gently tugged along by Princess' sweet words, the divine finger snapping, feeling so good, and wanting more and more. It feels so good to submit to Princess, and let her into your mind...
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
the journey is a must for anyone who wants to fall in real slavery, i am sure 100% that you will lose your past life, you will be a submissive new person, and you will get file after file after file till the end of the journey faster than you can ever imagine
Wednesday, 22 May 2013
I cannot stop listening to this file it just gets better and better. I get the feeling that by listening at least once every day for a week I will not be able to stop myself from going on to the next one. Then the next and so on till the end. It worries me but I cannot seem to stop. I have listened 15 times now and still have another 2 days to go. At the same time I cannot wait to go on the next one.
Thursday, 20 September 2012
I always had a surprising strong reaction to snapping fingers. Princesse Shelle uses this to perfection. I love it. I am very eager to know what awaits me next in this journey. I am so glad Princess Shelle allowed me to go this journey.
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