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Kept MistressKept Mistress

Kept Mistress


Product SKU: Kept Mistress

EXTREME file. Intended for slaves who desire to have Me available to satisfy your sexual cravings to serve and please ME.

Length: 35 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-ENSLAVEMENT-Sexual Fantasies
Sample: LINK

Ever wondered what it would be like to experience total feel the power of complete subjugation to a powerful Mistress while feeling bliss of devotion and commitment.  In much of the world, men with deep seated cravings that aren’t satisfied at home, pay a Dominant Woman to be available to satisfy his fetishes and earn permission to release and satisfy his Mistress.  This version of the Kept Mistress introduces you to that life of secret rendezvous, obedience and sexual enslavement.  you will be seduced by My sweet words and hypnotic voice.  These same words and commands you will crave and need as you drop deeper and deeper into your sweet sexual bliss of enslavement.

So be warned this file is intended for slaves that desire to be enslaved and financially comitted to Me ~giggle, giggle~

you surrender yourself, your mind, your c*ck and obey ME when you listen to My files.  you ache for My attention to satisfy your need to serve and please Me.  As your KEPT MISTRESS you will receive sexual favors, fantasies and deepen the enslavement you crave when you take care of ME.  Don’t worry I always know what you need and desire.

After listening to this file, follow MY instructions to bring your fantasies to life, then EMAIL Me with “Kept Mistress” in the header and request the application and questionnaire.  I will instruct you further at this time.  All you need to do is convince Me of your sincerity and ability to meet all your obligations and still take care of ME, then I will determine how I want you to serve your Mistress and consummate O/our new arrangement.

Two FREE pictures included.

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Sunday, 21 February 2021
I am serving my Domina for a long long time. At first, I was just following her to buy a few recordings, but she had other plan and she leads me in a path of permanent obedience and servitude. I love listening to her more extreme file because I want to learn, how far I can go for her. This file is a little too hard for my financial situation. However, it gives me the motivation to win more money to allow me to spoil her more and please her more. She deserves it.
Thursday, 17 December 2015
For it there is something about FINANCIAL domination which is magical...depending your on the level of desired enslavement, commitment and situation this file will make your dreams c#m true. Domina's endearing and loving approach (similar to many of her files) is amazing.
This slaves/handmaiden's ultimate desire is to achieve completely enslaved. Which includes financial domination al you will love...want...and crave to be financially dominated. This file is sure to drive your commitment and enslavement to new levels. All the While giving you pleasure of submission only few dare choose to explore. Domina's sweet magic will have you eating from off her patent leather boots.
So if you crave a new level of enslavement. This file may be the perfect file. She likely already owns your c*ck/cl*tty...let this file bring you to the next level of commitment and pleasure.
Sunday, 13 December 2015
Domina Shelle is the loveliest, sweetest creature imaginable. She is the only one for whom I can truly let go and surrender in every way, because I love Her and trust Her completely. So it seems only natural to feel this growing desire to express my love and devotion to Her, a desperate need to please Her and make Her happy. Alas, I've often shied away from sending tributes and gifts in the past. I'd blithely disregard any tribute buttons as mere forms of financial domination, a fetish I've never been drawn to, even though it is often associated with erotic hypnosis. I know that Princess Shelle is not a financial Domme, but I must confess to envying those slaves of Hers with a penchant toward findom: they must have it easy when it comes to showing their love and devotion. Paradoxically, a bit of a findom fetish may be exactly what I need at this point; it might provide that little nudge in the right direction. Whatever happens, I know that I will always be safe with my Domina, my love, my everything! And I'm certain that I would only experience more joy, more satisfaction as a slave, if I could learn to always please Her, only Her, without ever giving it so much as a second thought -- or even a first thought.
Saturday, 12 December 2015
This file is for people who know that SHE is the Mistress, She is the one, and i knew She is the One almost four years ago, i just Love everything She does, Thank You my Domina :)
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