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Lab Rat - Blank Mind by Shelle RiversLab Rat - Blank Mind by Shelle Rivers

Lab Rat - Blank Mind


Product SKU: Lab Rat - Blank Mind

As My Lab Rat you are RELINQUISHING all rights to your BRAIN over to Me ...

Lab Rat - Blank Mind (32 minutes)

This is an EXPERIMENT.  Purchasing this session ENROLLS you as My Lab Rat.  As such you are RELINQUISHING all rights to your BRAIN over to Me.  The EXPERIMENT will end when it ends...giggles!  Don't worry, your subconscious mind will be told what to do and your conscious mind will follow.  I will be measuring the effects of Mind Control and POST HYPNOTIC TRIGGERS.

I will conduct this experiment without further details.

NOTE:  Listen at your own risk...GIGGLES!

I can not be held responsible for any long term effects that may be caused by the DEEP PENETRATING trance or the POST HYPNOTIC suggestions/TRIGGERS.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2020
How to you review a session that is so difficult to recall and then after a few listens you struggle to remember if you ever really listened to it, even though i am 100% certain i did? What i do know is after listening to this session i am very conscious of Domina Shelle because the mere thought of Her makes me very aroused, like i was an adolescent again. There is something primal in this session that is triggered by Domina and She really does know how to manipulate a submissives libido and use it to brainwash them into doing whatever She wishes. i for one find this type of tease and denial very erotic and just underscores how talented Domina Shelle is with hypnosis and neural programming to instil new thought patterns and progressive behavioural change. I am a believer in what She does and although I may not recall everything She does while in trance I trust Her implicitly, and so should you...
Thursday, 27 February 2020
It´s kinda hard to review this File, i guess you have to find out for yourself, cause i really do not want to spoiler anything, it certainly was fun and really surprising, i may remember what happened, well partially, but this does not change anything because it still worked and i simply had to obey ^-^
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
I feel completely mindfu*ked right now... Not sure if I even listened... But I had to have listened... I get REALLY aroused thinking about this file but I just can't remember anything about it or if I even purchased it yet... I'm so confused and horny...
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Domina has made masterpiece with this series we slaves soso graced serving in Her experiments endlessly lost in pleasure and obedience and loving servitude
Sunday, 23 February 2020
i have no idea what happened in trance as i did blackout on every listening ... maybe this is expected or i am just to tired lately?! In anyway i trust my beloved Domina Shelle and will listen again ... maybe at some point i will not pass out ... giggles
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